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My champorado photo in Silkwind’s September 2016 issue

champorado page
The Food Snapshot of Silkwind’s September 2016 issue features the Philippine champorado which I photographed
Thanx to Silkwinds, Silk Air’s inflight magazine, the Philippine champorado is featured in the September issue of the magazine, which I photographed. Each month, the one page feature highlights a particular food from Silk Air’s network of destinations. Some of the other food features that I’ve submitted also included the leche flan in a past issue.

The champorado is a Filipino comfort food made from rice and chocolate, preferably from tablea medallions that are readily available in the market. These are rich and 100% ground chocolate directly made from cocoa beans. Champorado is best eaten during afternoons as snacks, or especially during cool and rainy days, mixed with evaporated milk and sugar. Some eat it with crunchy dilis, dried anchovies, as a side dish. This particular champorado is made with rich Belgian dark and white chocolate from one of the high end restaurants in Metro Manila.

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