A trip around North Luzon is a sojourn that is best described as AWESOME! From the central plains of Pampanga, the rugged Cordilleras, the beaches of Ilocos and important heritage, culture and adventure spots proves to be a very interesting trip for whoever is brave enough to embark on this multi day journey.

I was but a tiny entity, a speck, in the caverns of Callao Cave in Peñablanca as I was dwarfed amidst the stunning stalactites and stalagmites as among unusual rock formations that made me oohed and aahed.

The Pinacanauan River is no tongue twister and it is one of those bodies of water that I would not mind cruising often. Stunning vistas, ancient cave complexes, a natural dusk flight attraction as well as spectacular limestone walls make this route memorable.

While it was a few months ahead of the semana santa, we did a visita iglesia during our North Luzon tour visiting nine churches of which 6 are colonial era while two are contemporary churches.

Imagine, having lunch or early dinner outdoors. But not just an ordinary open air venue but one where you’re surrounded by spectacular mountains, crisp and cool air, with a waiter dressed in tux decanting wine while a chef in toque and all, whipping up your dish. This in the great Cordilleras of Benguet.