The Marina Bay Sands area is one of the top drawers for tourists in Singapore and for Filipino photographers, its a good reason to be here in in this island country.

Jonker Street weekend market is wicked. Just so many people but interesting wares, good street food, a round of drinks with friends. But for the weary traveler, after doing the rounds of the makeshift stalls? Beer on the table during amateur night.

Wafer ice cream is rather popular in Singapore. It is that country’s equivalent of our own dirty ice cream, the sorbetero with his tankfull of delicious and creamy flavored dessert. In Singapore, it is known as potong (cut) and comes in different flavores: mint chip, blueberry, cherry ripple, durian, sweet corn and others.

Singapore is a shopper’s haven with the many malls and markets that dot the island country but there are still those that stand out and these are not even found inside malls. Here are five interesting shopping areas outside of malls.

Ten days of getting familiar with this ASEAN neighbor thru its multiracial culture, amazing food, beautiful structures and a well oiled tourism machine that the Philippines can only admire.