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Amateur night at Melaka’s Jonker Street

Enjoying the night with friends at Melaka's busy Jonker Street during the weekend. A singing contest is in progress

The Little Red Dot hosted my Singapore travel for ten days and during this time, I was able to become familiar with the culture, food and anything that made this small country one of the biggest in Southeast Asia. Jonker Street weekend market is wicked. Just so many people but interesting wares, good street food, a round of drinks with friends. But for the weary traveler, after doing the rounds of the makeshift stalls, it can be draining.

Me? I just sit on a table, order one of the char kway teoy that I like and gobble the noodles up. Nothing beats al fresco dining on a beautiful night with good and cheap food. The air is filled with different and strange aromas that sometimes overwhelm the senses. The din and mini chaos also contribute to the Jonker atmosphere. But an added bonus? Amateur night at the end of the street!

Saturday night and a nice way to while away time
The singer was serious. Belting out a tune that to my ears were so foreign. Chinese, in fact. And not a single word was understandable but a part of the audience was cheering and clapping while the rest were just absorbed with their own conversations or busy finishing off a bowl or a glass of beer.

Noodle company sponsored amateur night. Just like home but the music is not American. Never mind if I don’t really understand a thing but the audience are enjoying it.

Lazy nights. Lazy weekend nights. Noodles were everywhere, sugarcane juice, black porridge made from sesame seeds,and cheap toys and weird but funky slippers. As the contestant was trying his best with a note, most of the people were just going about their own lives. Living in their own spaces with friends around a circular red table.

Oh! How I love my MAMEE! – the ad says.

2 thoughts on “Amateur night at Melaka’s Jonker Street”

  1. walalang

    pinoy na pinoy ka talaga. calling a singing contest “amateur”

  2. estancabigas

    well, they’re not professionals 🙂

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