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Shiok! Singapore!

Iconic Marina Bay Sands building as viewed from the Esplanade Bridge

The Little Red Dot hosted my Singapore travel for ten days and during this time, I was able to become familiar with the culture, food and anything that made this small country one of the biggest in Southeast Asia. Dusk fell in this island country and I was seating at the cement seat along the walkway of the bridge near the Esplanade, the stunning view of the iconic Marina Bay Sands building infront, steadily brightening up as late afternoon turned to night.

I’m still in Singapore as of this writing, in the middle of this ten day sojourn upon the invitation of a friend. This trip is just a few weeks after my Singapore-Malaysia cruise and I’ve been exploring the many things on offer, both touristy and those places that are frequented by locals. A rather long stay but is, I hope, enough to make me understand better its culture, dominated by the Chinese, but espouses unity among the three other races making Singapore their home: Malays, Indians, Eurasians.

But oh, the food is just so delicious that oftentimes I am eating here, trying out some Malay delicacies, some Indian sweets, Chinese lunch cuisine and cosmopolitan fare that aren’t in the Philippines. Architecture? It’s an enthusiast’s wonderland. I’m quite amazed at the number of forward looking buildings, the design that makes me stop and just takes my breath away.

There are still areas that I need to visit in the next few days before going back to my country. And I do hope that when I return, I will have beautiful memories of Singapore.

This trip was made possible through the invitation of David of The Little Red Dot Hostel. Check them out whenever you’re in Singapore for cheap rates.

9 thoughts on “Shiok! Singapore!”

  1. drooling over your pic! great one… i’m planning a trip to SG next year. hopefully, i can get a shot like this, too. hehe!

  2. @christian, @elal, go there at 8:30 or 9:30 PM for the light and water show every night 🙂

  3. ang galing ng Singapore. architectural breakthrough ito. I’m sad for the Philippines. We have no iconic structures. huhu

  4. @ed, ang galing nga e. ang dami nating catching up to do

  5. ganda nung hotel..parang space ship.! Singapore is small yet it has been so progressive

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