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5 reasons why Ate Vi drop planned sign on Taal

Proposed BATANGAS signage ala Hollywood, on Binintiang Malaki, one of the dormant craters in Taal Lake. Photo from the Vice Governor's Office of Batangas

Taal Volcano is a declared National Geological Monument

Today’s news reported on the proposed plans coming from the Office of the Governor of Batangas, Gov. Vilma Santos, herself a veteran actress in the local movie industry, of putting up a huge, 14 meter sign on the slopes of Binintiang Malaki, a dormant crater (this is not Taal Volcano) spelling out the word of the province in a bid to attract more tourists and, as per the news item:

Mark Leviste (the vice governor) said the signage would help establish the identity of the lake and volcano as part of Batangas—and not of Tagaytay City, which lies within the neighboring province of Cavite.

The provincial council has also passed a resolution supporting the governor’s idea. Not only that, quoting the provincial tourism officer, Emelie Katigbak, a series of restaurants will be built in the lake spelling out the Batangueno word ala eh. Of course, this has created a furor with Twitter and Facebook abuzz with comments and criticisms. Adding to the uproar, I’m sharing my reasons why they should forget it.

1 The sign will mar a beautiful scenery
The signage will only destroy one of the Philippines’s best natural (and free) views. The Taal vista is an attraction in itself which has one of the world’s smallest volcano.

2 Not another man made structure
We don’t need another man made structure on a natural landscape. Our country has too many of that, often built by non thinking mayors and citizens in their quest to beautify something. Look at how Cebu’s Kawasan Falls’s beauty has been ruined with sheds and buildings built too close to the waters.

3 Gayagaya mentality
Do we always have to imitate what has been done in other places? I think they can do better than that unless they’re so mentally bankrupt and can’t think of other better things to do.

4 It’s just too tacky
The Hollywood sign is enough. If not for its becoming part of the Los Angeles vista, it’s tacky. And we have more tacky signages and advertisements littering our environment and landscapes.

Taytay in Palawan already beat them to it

5 It’s already been done in Taytay, Palawan
Yes, they already did it. The remote northern municipality of Taytay in Palawan built theirs perched on a mountainside dominating the landscape and cutting a forested patch just to place their town’s name.


5 thoughts on “5 reasons why Ate Vi drop planned sign on Taal”

  1. Its just a STUPID IDEA. nakakainis yang plano na yan.

    now that it goes viral many people would recognize that its part of BATANGAS not of TAGAYTAY so they should stop na this insane idea.

  2. @dar, o nga e. kung ano ano na lang ang naiisip, palpak naman

  3. Just never build this inside the heritage districts of Vigan please. hehe 🙂

  4. Boronyog

    Sa Iriga din, sa city ni Ate Guy.

  5. Anonymous

    meron din pala dun pero wala ako nakita when i passed by Iriga

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