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Photographing the Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands, the ArtScience Museum and the Helix Bridge at night

The Little Red Dot hosted my Singapore travel for ten days and during this time, I was able to become familiar with the culture, food and anything that made this small country one of the biggest in Southeast Asia. I like doing photography in Singapore. Just like in Hongkong, there are no police officers or security guards who will pester you when you take pictures even in public spaces. Unlike in Metro Manila and other Philippine urban centers. There, you can even bring tripods and just photograph without being bothered.

The Marina Bay Sands from the Benjamin Sheares Bridge vantage point
The Marina Bay Sands area is one of the top drawers for tourists in Singapore and for Filipino photographers, its a good reason to be here than get flights to thailand.

Every night is a treat as there is a light and sound show in the Marina Bay Sands grounds. It’s spectacular when viewed from afar. But for the photographer, where’s the best view?

The Esplanade is a good vantage point or the strip between it and the Merlion is also great but it’s too far for me. Where did I position? At the Marina South, just at the area at the end of the Helix Bridge, a beautiful structure that is a footpath connecting both areas.

A tripod is a must as high ISOs will surely affect quality and we don’t want to have blurred images. Tripods enable one to have long exposures to better get the details. Because it is also evening, bracketing or doing HDR is also good as the light intensity is not consistent.

Panoramic view of the Marina Bay Sands complex plus CBD buildings as viewed from Marina South

A caveat when photographing at the Helix Bridge or at the observation decks: foot traffic can be heavy that the bridge itself will vibrate and images might be blurred. A good spot is at the end of the bridge where it is more stable. The foot path as well as the landing below it are also great spots. Just be ready to be side by side with other photographers.

While not as popular, the place just below the Benjamin Sheares Bridge is also good that gives a great view of the hotel against the bridge as well as the Singapore Flyer at the back.

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  1. That photograph of the Helix Bridge is truly spectacular!

  2. estancabigas

    Thanx Jyothi! 🙂


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