Siquijor caps my 80 Philippine provinces

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Lazi kumbento, the biggest in the Philippines. I finally visited all Philippine provinces when I visited Siquijor for a photo/writing assignment

Covered all Philippine provinces with a visit at Siquijor
With my plans of going to Siquijor always getting canceled or postponed, I finally decided, three weeks ago, to book a ticket for Cebu to specifically get to this island province, the last one that I haven’t visited of the country’s 80 provinces.

And so, last Saturday, I woke up at 2 AM and left for the South Bus Terminal from my home in Cebu, rode the bus, a fast craft crossing the Tanon Straight and finally, sailing on a Delta fastcraft that finally brought me to this mystical island. And thus, I completed visiting all Philippine provinces.

When I did get to Lazi, I just spent most of the two days working for an architectural magazine assignment for Lazi’s massive kumbento (colloquially, parochial house) which I got after pitching it to the editor. I didn’t have time to go around except when I was invited to a fiesta in Talingting, E. Villanueva municipality and that was just it.

Now, I have reason to come back and go around the island and discover its hidden wonders and mystery. Soon.

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