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Waterfalls in Lanao del Norte is stunning

waterfalls in lanao del norte
Kapatagan’s beautiful Cathedral Falls

A waterfalls in Lanao del Norte, Cathedral Falls in Kapatagan got me excited when it was mentioned to me. This over lunch of roasted pork liempo and chicken at Tita Fannies with my host, Paul and staff from the Kapatagan Municipal Tourism. “It’s just two kilometers from here and very accessible…” he told me.

Lanao del Norte is not so known for its waterfalls, unlike the ones found in Iligan City. If not for social media, two of this municipality’s cascades wouldn’t have been that known. First, there’s Sta. Cruz Falls which is farther but it’s Cathedral Falls that’s more popular for its beautiful backdrop, like pipe organs in a cathedral, thus probably its name. Even in pictures, the waterfall is stunning, how much more visiting it in the flesh and coming face to face with such beauty?

When Daryl, one of Paul’s staff came, I didn’t hesitate and hopped on the motorbike. Cathedral Falls is just two kilometers from the town center along a good and even road.

Seeing the waterfalls

I was awestruck! Stunning in photos, Cathedral Falls is actually captivating in person. The heavy volume of water makes the Cathedral Falls all the more grand. Adding to its beauty is the wall of well formed and smooth rock surface that looks purposely placed there. There’s also an element of mystery here. An underwater cave is supposedly unexplored. Accordingly, the basin hasn’t been fathomed.

waterfalls in lanao del norte
Panoramic view of Cathedral Falls. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Cathedral Falls is quite accessible and most habal-habal and tricycle drivers at the town center knows where. 

My gratitude and thanx to Paul who invited me over to visit and Daryl who toured me around on a motorbike. Both are from the Kapatagan Municipal Tourism.

12 thoughts on “Waterfalls in Lanao del Norte is stunning”

  1. Reydan Duldulao


  2. estancabigas


  3. estancabigas

    Yup! Beautiful place 🙂

  4. Earl | Suroy Pilipinas

    Wow! Beautiful rock wall behind the falls. Kinahanglan pa ni mag-hike going dri bai?

  5. estancabigas

    bai, pwede ra mag motor 🙂

  6. Amazing rock wall! I wonder if I can scale and jump that wall. 2km lng frm the town center? Really a taker!

  7. estancabigas

    Yup, its very near 🙂

  8. john hataie

    Hello! Is it accessible by car?

  9. estancabigas

    Yes, it is accessible by car but cant go through the bridge as its broken.

  10. ted duallo

    the rock formation is amazing. what does the geologist say about how was it formed?

  11. estancabigas

    Hi Ted, thanx for the comment but i havent consulted one. 🙂

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