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Is Lachi’s really worth the food & good dessert in Davao raves?

good desserts in Davao
Inside the restaurant with its warm hues

Where to find good desserts in Davao? I ask this myself whenever I’m in the city. But what’s the buzz with Lachis? I ask this whenever I read about Lachi’s in Davao with blogs trumpeting the supposed great desserts and good food.


That’s what I thought. But during one trip, curiosity got the better of me and rode a taxi, looking for the restaurant at Marfori Subdivision. Alas, it was a Sunday and closed and there goes my hunt for good desserts in Davao. Better luck next time.

But during a fam trip with Marco Polo Davao Hotel, Lachi’s was one of the food destinations and I can only raise my eyebrow. So what’s the fuss all about? Is the food really worth the write ups and raves? You know bloggers (not all though, but you know what I mean), especially if its free food.

Lachi’s is a family business. And each member gets to contribute to the menu and running the restaurant. The name itself is derived from the matriarch, Milagros. According to Mike, one of the sons who manages the place,

Food at Lachi’s is what we eat at home and what we love serving our guests.

Homecooked meals are always welcome, there’s just something wonderful: best ingredients, slow cooking and great tasting food that we would just want to have again and again. With this food trip, is Lachi’s really worth the taste and the write up?

YES. Y-E-S. Yes.

I admit, its that good. Sumptuous. Filling. Great food, not just good desserts in Davao. Something to rave and write about. You cannot leave the restaurant unfulfilled. It’s like having great sex. You leave the room smiling and say, there should be a next time. You can’t just have enough. And you are tempted to go back, pig out and sin. Gluttony.

Good desserts at Lachi's
Clockwise from upper left: creme brulee cake, almond dacquoise and pecan pie

Dessert standouts

Symphony Torte: seven layers of sponge cake, chocolate ganache, sponge cake, coffee buter cream, sponge cake, coffee butter cream and topped with chocolate ganache. Different wonderful textures and subtleties. You’ll just close your eyes and feel weak in the knees.

Durian cheesecake: Mike said, the secret to this one is to make the durian into a jam first. Subtle hints of durian interspersed with the smoothness of the cream cheese. A winner.

good desserts in Davao
Clockwise from upperleft: Durian sans rival, blueberry and cherry cheesecake, french macarons

Creme brulee cake: Like cheesecakes, I’m a sucker for good creme brulees. But a cake version? You must be kidding! But it was there. The torched, caramelized top taunting me the first time it landed on the table. I took a bite. And some more. I would just have gotten it all for myself but I have to respect the other bloggers. In itself, I really would have wanted to have a thicker layer of the creme brulee. But it was enough to make my forehead, and nose perspire with the sugar rush.

Durian sans rival: One of the restuarant’s best seller. Crunchy meringue layers with nuts and butter icing with hints of durian. My knees wobbled with delight, especially the butter icing, always a favorite.

good desserts in Davao
Clockwise from top: Chinese pork belly, laing and chili con carne

The non dessert standouts

Chinese pork belly: I just love this one! Tender, oh so yummy pork cooked in three different ways: Roasted, boiled, and simmered. Flavorful.

Laing: Writing about the laing makes my mouth water. The dish bites, but with that delicious laing flavor that you want to pair your hot steamed rice with, never mind if you’re perspiring a lot.

good desserts in Davao
From top: Asian spicy chicken, grilled pork ribs; Bottom right: breaded soft tofu; Bottom left: callos

Asian spicy chicken: I was raving on this one! Crunchy but tasty. Crisp but delicious. It has a sweet and spicy sauce that goes well with it.

Grilled pork ribs: this is an old reliable that most people swear to. Tender.

Callos: !!! and !!!! Simmered for three to four hours, the skin becomes gelatinous. It’s like really good balbacua but flavorful. It was one of the best dishes I had at Lachi’s and I want to have it again when I come back.

Lachi’s is not just good desserts in Davao. It is also good homecooking that you will certainly love.

Lachi’s Sans Rival ATBP
Ruby Street, Marfori Heights, 8000 Davao City
(082) 224 5552

A confession of sorts. Never in my life have I stared at food and vowed never to pig out again, as what we did on this day. The food was so good at Lachi’s and with the many assortments of desserts and viand to taste, plus the sumptous dinner at Paradise in Samal, followed by cheese tasting at Malagos Farmhouse, a late dinner at Ronaldo’s in F. Torres and late night coffee and desserts at Blugre.

It was gluttony and I ask the heavens to forgive my soul.

This trip made possible by Marco Polo Davao during a fam tour in that southern city. Like their Facebook page and follow them in Twitter.

4 thoughts on “Is Lachi’s really worth the food & good dessert in Davao raves?”

  1. haha Nakatawa ko sa comparison with leaving the restaurant fulfilled and the sex part. Ikaw na jud sir estan! Love lachis’ Cheesecake and mudpie. Basta nasa Davao..Dakog Kaon. =)

  2. estancabigas

    Mao jud. Pero di ba? Best thos in life? Sex and food 🙂

  3. I love Lachi’s. Lagi akong may take home na Sans Rival pauwi ng Manila everytime pumupunta ako ng Davao hehe 😛 Love their Laing and Unforgettable Ribs too.

  4. estancabigas

    Mica, the callos is, so, oh, delicious for me 🙂

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