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where to stay in laoag city
Living room of Deluxe Suite. Kitchen and dining area behind partition

Where to stay in Laoag City? That’s the question I often encounter readers ask me from time to time via messages or emails. Laoag City is beautiful with its own attractions: culinary, cultural, natural and historical. The city is a good base for explorations farther up north or for some rugged adventure, to the west. It is one of the reasons why I love this city!

But where to stay in Laoag City? For hotel accommodations, there are a lot! From budget, to mid to high. Laoag is a booming city and establishments are on the rise, especially in San Nicolas municipality, just across the bridge in Laoag City, where the action is. But one hotel that I really like and, for tourists who won’t mind the expense but want to experience a cozy yet with a homey touch is Balay da Blas Pensionne House.

where to stay in laoag city
Bedroom of Executive suite

Don’t let the pensionne house label fool you. As a matter of fact, Balay da Blas is no accommodation with basic amenities. The pensionne house was designed to be a residence but due to tourism opportunities, opened their doors to tourists. It has dining as well as stuff that businessmen and those who want to keep in touch have: strong wifi.

where to stay in laoag city
Living room of Executive suite

The few rooms are well designed. It’s good for group of friends or family, suites have living and dining rooms with kitchen. The best thing? Balay da Blas call it traditional Ilocano. Accordingly, the design is a mix of old and contemporary. There are antiques and modern furnishings and decors but still at a price that is provincial.

where to stay in laoag city
Food we ordered from Saramsam Cafe. Clockwise from top chicken basil penne, saniata (dragon fruit) ice cream, blueberry maja blanca

One can order food at Saramsam Cafe which is known for their Ilocano fusion cuisine and a sister establishment. They will deliver it and you can have your meals either downstairs or at the comfort of your own dining place.

where to stay in laoag city
The penthouse can be rented for gatherings and functions.

Balay da Blas also offers its top floor. It’s awesome topfloor for functions or group gatherings. I just love the decor, the furnishings. Consequently, the whole interior design. There are old kerosene burners, wrought iron chairs, floor to ceiling drapery as well as interesting wooden furniture. All these accessed through a spiral staircase.

where to stay in laoag city
Clockwise from top: Balay da Blas entrance, Balay da Blas 2 which is located beside the main entrance and designed as “ilocano moderne,” Balay da Blas main building with traditional ilocano designed interior and rooms
where to stay in laoag city
Bedroom of Deluxe Suite

A budget alternative

On the other hand, Balay da Blas 2, located beside the entrance are for those with a lesser budget or want a more modern design. Ilocano moderne, is how it describes the design. I haven’t stayed here yet but looks interesting. Where to stay in Laoag City is actually not a problem.

Balay da Blas Pensionne House

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