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5 Waterfalls that energize your body

We love waterfalls that energize the body. We chase these too because of their beauty. Sometimes for the challenge of getting there but swimming in their cool waters is one of the best rewards of finding one. From the time I visited my first waterfall at the age of 14 to the present, I’ve probably been to more than a hundred. Most I purposefully seek out while a few were serendipitous discoveries.

However, I have noticed that over the years, I gravitate to these waterfalls not just for the adventure but for the calming and healing effect. Where I leave feeling unburdened and becoming a new person. Is it because I am an Aquarian and as a mature person now feel the water connection or I’m more perceptive of its therapeutic effects? Whatever the case, here are five waterfalls around the Philippines that will surely recharge your well-being.

Pantoc Falls (San Quintin, Abra)

I visited this waterfall along the national highway in San Quintin one late afternoon before proceeding to Bangued.  The area was deserted, the wind strong, the rustling of leaves and branches and the sound of plunging water made the place eerie. In fact, I was feeling a bit scared but despite that, I had this strong urge to take a dip. After securing my things and taking off my clothes, I slowly made my way into neck deep water.  It was cold but I was calm and left with a clear mind.

waterfalls that energizes your body
Bagsang Fals in Gonzaga

Bagsang Falls (Gonzaga, Cagayan)

Its one of the smallest waterfall I’ve been too. Not too high, a shallow basin, a moderate volume of water and you can even go behind the cascade. Bagsang Falls is in a forest and quite picturesque, dwarfed by the surrounding tall trees whose canopy of leaves let in slits of sunlight making dramatic interplays of light and shadow.

Malinamon Falls

Malinamon Falls (Jamindan, Capiz)

After a long trek downhill, at some point slippery, the sight of Malinamon Falls can literally make you jump for joy. It’s a waterfall with a wide, uneven cascade. There is a small but deep basin and shallow pockets where you can immerse while still enjoying the shower. The cool cascades not only massage your tired body but refreshes you as well.

Tuasan Falls

Tuasan Falls (Camiguin)

This waterfall used to be remote and difficult to reach, unlike the more popular Katibawasan Falls in Mambajao in the same island province. But the central highway that now passes quite near it has opened up the waterfall to more visitors. Despite that, Tuasan Falls continue to awe with a strong volume of water gushing from the top. It has a pristine and cool basin for swimming in a dramatic setting of rock wall, forest and boulders.

Situbo Falls

Situbo Falls (Tampilisan, Zamboanga del Norte)

As one follows the dirt path from the jump off point, the sound of raging waters is already heard. It’s  growing by the minute as you head to the riverbank. But then, as you turn your head in the direction of the sound, you unexpectedly see the waterfall, massive, tall and wide that your body freeze and your left in awe with mouth agape. The sight is forever etched in your memory.

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