We love waterfalls that energize the body. We chase these too because of their beauty. Sometimes for the challenge of getting there but swimming in their cool waters is one of the best rewards of finding one. From the time I visited my first waterfall at the age of 14 to the present, I’ve probably been to more than a hundred. Most I purposefully seek out while a few were serendipitous discoveries. However, I have noticed that over the years, I gravitate to these waterfalls…Continue Reading “5 Waterfalls that energize your body”

One thing that I really like about travel is this: getting to know more of a place through food or experiencing good comfort food. 2014 has been a good year and I’ve been to several restaurants and food places across the country. Although I should say that Cebu is shaping up to be a food destination, based on the restaurants included here. The food is great and highly recommended in this list of top 10 memorable restaurants that I’ve been to. Check this out! 1…Continue Reading “10 memorable restaurants in 2014”

We Filipinos are very fond of pasalubongs, gifts that we buy at places we visited for folks back home. Be it food, clothing, trinkets or handicrafts, its almost a must do before heading home. But one of the biggest hassles of buying these? Most, or generally, products that we want as pasalubongs, especially if these are beyond the usual ref magnets and sweets, are often found in other locations. And usually, because of the lack of time, we often forego buying items that we want….Continue Reading “Where to easily shop in Dapitan City”

Inato Lang Restaurant at the Dapitan Aquamarine Park (Dampa) is a popular dining destination along the Liboran River where the city’s river cruise plies. Built in a kubo (native hut) style, it’s comfortable and airy and guests are entertained by a singer and guitarist. The food here is highly recommended and you can have it even if you won’t be availing of the river cruise tour. It was raining when we arrived here for lunch and it was just fitting that we started with a…Continue Reading “Delicious food at Inato Lang in Dapitan City”

It must have been shocking for the people of Barangay Dinocot in Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte seventy years ago, on the 7th of September, when the Japanese forces during World War II were starting to retreat when a deafening blast reverberated across the beach and into the tranquil Macias Hacienda. An ear splitting sound that would have shocked the people into fear. Off the coast of this barangay, a Japanese prison ship, the Shinyo Maru was just torpedoed by an American submarine. Unknown to the…Continue Reading “Not so known but historic beach in Sindangan”