We love waterfalls that energize the body. We chase these too because of their beauty. Sometimes for the challenge of getting there but swimming in their cool waters is one of the best rewards of finding one. From the time I visited my first waterfall at the age of 14 to the present, I’ve probably been to more than a hundred. Most I purposefully seek out while a few were serendipitous discoveries. However, I have noticed that over the years, I gravitate to these waterfalls…Continue Reading “5 Waterfalls that energize your body”

I’ve been visiting this landlocked province for the past few years, Abra. First upon the invitation of then Vice Governor Chari Bersamin, and I have been fortunate enough to visit its many pristine wonders. And this particular visit was just a whim, a short sidetrip to a more beautiful waterfall deep in the highlands of Tineg, my eventual destination. But when I saw this beautiful waterfall in Abra online, I was thrilled. Why not? I was in a race for time as I alighted from…Continue Reading “An almost hidden waterfall in Abra”

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Ennui got the better of us as we waited for the supposed backup vehicle that never arrived. The sun was high, although the slight breeze was cool, I was perspiring, seeking shelter on the disappearing umbrage of the four wheel drive. I scanned the horizon and the mountains across the Luba River and saw a lone longitudinal raft trying to cross the water, to the other side where two motorcycles were waiting. There’s no bridge large enough…Continue Reading “Tubo Adventure, Part 3: The lone ferryman of Luba River”

PART 1 | PART 2 | Part 3 The sense of adventure and excited spirits filled us as we winded along the roads of Bangued, to its outskirts and into the neighboring municipalities. The lush rice fields of Manabo were beautiful with several sightings of the Itneg rice granary, a small structure that I’ve only seen in these parts. And then we stopped at the river. Only a road that led into the water and no bridge. We waited till the metal raft, a common…Continue Reading “Tubo Adventure, Part 2: The delayed river crossing at Luba”