A nice homey place to stay in Roxas City

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My elegant room for a few nights in Roxas City. This is the Laurel Room
My elegant room for a few nights in Roxas City. This is the Laurel Room

Free breakfast of pancake, bacon and chocolate syrup.
Free breakfast of pancake, babcon and chocolate syrup.
Where to stay in Roxas City?

Don’t let its name, fool you, but Roxas President’s Inn is more like a boutique hotel: small, few rooms but have wonderful service. It was named after the city’s most illustrious son, President Manuel Roxas who was born a block away.

The building is modern with a not so distinct facade but once you go inside, amidst the tables and chairs at the lobby/dining area, there are interesting antiques and trinkets, framed photos of the owner taken with a president, old furniture and old jewelry, some framed and hung.

Upstairs is quite a change from the claustrophobic ground floor as there is ample space and well lighted corridor. Along niches and sidewalls are framed antiques and paintings. At one section near the stairs with wrought iron grills are chinese boxes and chests inlaid with mother of pearl.

Facade of the inn
Facade of the inn
But once you come up to your room, you won’t be greeted with impersonal numbers but with names of Philippine presidents. I stayed at the Laurel room, a large queen sized bed for two. The room is smaller than I thought it would be but just enough to go around.

In the middle, a comfortable bed with the headboard made from a capiz shelled window. There are wooden chairs and furniture that look old. One even had rattan lashings and bottoms that remind me of home in the province. It has even wooden flooring that you just feel of being inside a homey place of your own. This is the kind of hotel that I can just stay even the whole day in the room.

Decor along the hallway, left, stairs to the different floors, right
Decor along the hallway, left, stairs to the different floors, right

But what makes the Roxas President’s Inn a nice place to stay in Roxas City is that it is at the center of town. Once you step out, the cathedral and city hall is just walking distance. If you want to spend time at the plaza along the river to ruminate or observe people? It’s just a walk away. Feeling hungry? There are two dining spaces that serves good food just across the street.

Or if you want to go to another side of town, there are lots of tricycles passing. And of course, I like walking along the streets of Roxas City. There are still lots of 50s-80s architecture that interests me and the hotel is just near.

Roxas President’s Inn is a nice homey place to stay in Roxas City. Its good for the money with cozy and homey rooms, free wifi and great service. And its location is convenient as it is at the center of town.

Roxas President’s Inn
Corner of Rizal and Lopez Jaena Streets
Roxas City, Capiz

Thanx to the Capiz Provincial Tourism for making this possible.

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  1. estancabigas says:

    yup! it makes the space more cozy and homey di ba?

  2. I’m booked at the Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. room this Sept!

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