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Want cheap, barbecue food in Tagbilaran City?

Grilled liempo on a platter

Grilled liempo and pork barbeque with softdrink and rice for dinner
Grilled liempo and pork barbeque with softdrink and rice for dinner
“Acacia de Bubu”

For cheap good food in Tagbilaran City (Bohol), this place came highly recommended by my friend. And I was wondering, what the heck is Bubu?

Barbecue joints are quite popular in the Philippines. In Cebu, Larsians is it. In Oroquieta, it is the seaside restaurants. In Surigao, its the series of spit and grills near the wharf. Grilled food is also popular restaurant fare in major malls and places offering Pinoy cuisine.

Customers choose their meat from a series of plastic containers
Customers choose their meat from a series of plastic containers
Decades ago, before the rise of the City Square mall in Tagbilaran City, the area was colloquially known as Sky’s the Limit, an open air barbecue place with independent barbecue vendors wherein you gaze into the stars while eating by the light of a gas lamp.

Fast forward to the present, the corner house at Burgos and Butalid Streets fronting a huge acacia tree has become a popular barbecue and grill place. Started six years ago at a smaller scale, Acacia de Bubu (combination of Burgos and Butalid Sts.) has now a huge open air space with galvanized iron roofing with several plastic tables neatly arranged in a grid.

The operation is a bit systematic. You head to a long narrow table with big plastic containers containing different types of skewered or marinated meat ranging from the following:

pork barbecue, pork fat, intestines, chicken wing, breasts, necks, gizzard, skin and thighs, chorizo, liempo (pork belly), liver and hotdog.

After selecting, you head to the ‘assessment table’ where they will check what you got plus any other orders, then transfer to another table for computation then finally, to the cashier where you will give your payment. After settling the amount, you’re given a number and the meat is sent to the spit for grilling.

Condiments and total cost of dinner
Condiments and total cost of dinner

Sigurista, might be the term, wherein you prepay your food, just like in self service restaurants. While waiting for your food, a server will bring the plate, a spoon and fork, tissue, water and other orders, like rice and drinks.

It might take time, depending on the volume of orders. In my case, I waited for almost 15 minutes.

Acacia de Bubu during night time
Acacia de Bubu during night time

The food is good. But there’s actually nothing unique to set it apart from others. The liempo was well marinated and flavorful. Slightly sweet because of the barbecue sauce, I dipped it in soy sauce with chili. The pork barbecue was lean and succulent and filling enough. With a soda and one rice, the total cost is still cheap.

Acacia de Bubu has actually good barbecue food and with the kind of atmosphere, its best to come here with friends or family. Some come here to eat and drink beer. The place is also clean and smoke from the grill doesn’t enter the dining area.

If you want to be served immediately, try avoiding the 7-8 PM time as the area becomes full. Parking is just at the side.

Acacia de Bubu
Burgos cor Butalid St.
Tagbilaran City, Bohol
Opens 1600H-2330H


2 thoughts on “Want cheap, barbecue food in Tagbilaran City?”

  1. Atleast hindi na magulo. Some barbeque places here in Davao ginawa nadin ganyan para malinis din.. Ang saya kainan pag di magulo! =) Cheers!

  2. estancabigas

    the place is clean and no smoke from the grill 🙂

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