Shinpukuji Tempe

Shinpuku-ji Temple, Aichi Prefecture’s oldest temple

The bus sped into the town outskirts of Okazaki, past villages and fields and into the forested steads of Shinpukujicho. The air is fresh and crisp, the sound of waving bamboo, tall and slender, swaying with the winds with its leaves rustling. It reminded me of the elegant stands at Arashiyama but smaller. Shinpuku-ji Temple […]

Kaamulan Cowboys

Photo Essay

The Cowboys of Bukidnon during the Kaamulan Festival

A cloud of dust followed the speeding cowboy and his horse as he was lassoing a calf. He missed and the crowd roared with laughter. After two more attempts, he was successful, hurriedly got down his steed and ran to the creature, wrestling with it until it was all tied down on the ground. It […]

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