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10 remote Philippine island beaches you haven’t been to

Mapped locations of the remote island beaches featured in this post

Mapped locations of the remote island beaches featured in this post

Its not for ordinary tourists but for intrepid adventurers who seek really off the beaten path, remote beaches in the Philippines.

I’ve personally been to these places and I can attest to the beaches that have been listed here. But then, its not only about the destination. The journey is quite interesting in getting to these places.

And if you brave the routes and length of travel, you will be rewarded with often white sandy shores without the crowds, touts or vendors. Below is a compilation of ten remote island beaches from Luzon to the Visayas and then Mindanao.

Do you have what it takes to head to these beach destinations?

Cibang Cove (Calayan, Cagayan)

So remote, so pristine, so magical!

1. Cibang Cove (Calayan Island, Cagayan)

Its truly a paradise! Cibang Cove in Cagayan province’s Calayan Island is so pristine, so remote, so magical that its even a safe bet to guess only a few hundred people or even less have been to its shores. Hemmed in by soaring cliffs and the unpredictable Babuyan Channel in this part of the archipelago, a slice of white sand gives any dyed in the wool beach fanatic bliss.

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Flower Island's white sand beach is concentrated at only a section of the island, and where one enters and exits.  This is pure bliss!

Flower Island’s white sand beach is pure bliss!

2. Flower Island (Taytay, Palawan)

Brave enough to go the usual route of plane to Puerto Princesa, van ride for a few hours to Taytay and then another two hour pump boat ride on a sometimes rough sea? If that’s okay with you, Flower Island is just awesome! It’s a private place with its own white sandy beach, several trails around the forest and a spectacular viewing deck that gives you 360 degree view up a hill.

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Just a few hundred meters from Cuyo port, a tongue of land jutting out into the emerald sea

Just a few hundred meters from Cuyo port, a tongue of land jutting out into the emerald sea

3. Cuyo town beach (Cuyo Island, Palawan)

One would be surprised to find this beautiful tongue of white sand jutting out into the sea just a hundred meters from the beachline of Cuyo town and the same distance from the town’s small wharf. Get to see birds congregating at the rocky side while frolic at the opposite but sandy shore. Unfortunately for beach goers, this one, Capusan Beach is now a haven for foreign kiteboarders.

But this is just one of those white-sand-beach-all-to-yourself beaches that abound in this cluster of islands and islets in the middle of the northern Sulu Sea between Panay and northern Palawan.

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Seaweeds scattered in this white sandy beach

Seaweeds scattered in this white sandy beach

4. Agutaya town beach (Agutaya Island, Palawan)

Agutaya? Where is that? One might ask. But this unassuming, remote municipality north of Cuyo, in the same area of the northern Sulu Sea hides many such beautiful white sandy beaches. It’s so ordinary here and with the lack of travelers braving the journey, you can have it all for yourself. By the way, world renowned Amanpulo is just in the neighborhood.

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The stunning view of Antonia Beach from atop the rock formation.

The stunning view of Antonia Beach from atop the rock formation.

5. Antonia Beach (Isla Gigantes Sur, Carles, Iloilo)

I never regretted visiting Isla Gigantes off Carles in Iloilo where I spent my xxth birthday, solo. Antonia Beach is just one of the spectacular beach areas scattered in different islets and islands. Here, there are great rock formations, a back-to-back beach and friendly fishes that accompany you while swimming (they actually want to nibble on your skin).

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The abandoned Abak Beach resort in Capul Island

The abandoned Abak Beach resort in Capul Island

6. Abak Beach (Capul Island, Northern Samar)

Historically, Capul Island was a very strategic place. It was where Spanish galleons make their final stop to stock on water before they set sail to Acapulco via the Pacific Ocean. At the southern end of the island is an abandoned white sand beach. Eerie? Yes. But the water was just too inviting for a swim.

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Red flag stand guard at the white sand beach

Red flag stand guard at the white sand beach

7. Santiago Bay (San Francisco, Pacijan Island in Camotes, Cebu)

Just between the islands of Cebu and Leyte, and off Danao City is the group of islands called the Camotes. And in San Francisco town in Pacijan Island, is Santiago Bay with its stunning white sand beach. When you go here, its okay to think that its a private strip but is actually owned by the local government and free to use.

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Heading and anchoring to Dumog Island

Heading and anchoring to Dumog Island

8. Dumog Sandbar (Tubigon, Bohol)

As the tide rises, Dumog Islet (or sandbar) goes under a few inches of water. When the tide gets low, it appears like a mirage. It even has a tail of white sand just barely visible above the water that stretches for a hundred meters out into the sea.

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Buluan Island (Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay)

It’s part of a marine sanctuary and the beach is just so clear

9. Buluan Island (Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay)

Buluan Island is definitely under the radar. A tadpole shaped land off Ipil in Zamboanga Sibugay, its another beautiful place with a nice pristine beach. It’s part of a marine park that if you take the time to visit this place, you’ll be rewarded with untouched coral gardens. Or if you prefer basking in the shoreline, small fishes called lupoy often swim in numbers jumping on cue off the water that it can be a sight to behold early in the morning.

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Malamawi Island (Isabela City, Basilan)

It was peaceful and serene. The beach captivating with its colors and the view was just spectacular.

10. Malamawi Island (Isabela City, Basilan)

Spell B-A-S-I-L-A-N and most Filipinos would not want to go there. But in an island just five minutes off Isabela City is a gem of a beach with scenic view of the mountains of the Zamboanga Peninsula. Is it safe? Yes. I think. Especially that armed military men are there under the shade of the trees might just be enough to deter bandits and Abu Sayyaf.

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