Beautiful public white sand beach in Camotes

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Red flag stand guard at the white sand beach
Red flag stand guard at the white sand beach

It’s beautiful strip of white sandy beach, clear and just amazing to frolic into. You would think that its a private resort, expensive and exclusive. But its not. In fact, its a public white sand beach, just like Quinale Beach, that is free with cottages and items for beach/watersports that can be rented. Cheap. And its found in Pacijan Island in Camotes.

Santiago White Beach is the longest white sand strip in the Camotes Island group. It is located within the Santiago Bay area in the municipality of San Francisco. And on most weekdays, you can have the beach, all for yourself, if not for just a few more souls.

Have the beach all to yourself

I was there many years ago on assignment for a book project and after shooting churches and stuff, I just swam and enjoyed in its warm and refreshing waters! The sand gradually from the beachline stretches farther into the sea that you can still have waist level water at 20 meters off! Really a beautiful white sand beach in Camotes!

If you happen to visit the Camotes Island group, which you really should, do spend time here. Its cheap, fun and rewarding.

Beautiful Santiago White beach, a public beach in Santiago Bay, Camotes Island group as seen from an elevated point
Beautiful Santiago White beach, a public beach in Santiago Bay, Camotes Island group as seen from an elevated point
Santiago White Beach
Wider view of Santiago White Beach
Beach huts lining the coast. It is available for use for a minimal fee
Beach huts lining the coast. It is available for use for a minimal fee

Santiago White Beach is maintained by the local government of the municipality of San Francisco. Beach sports like volleyball, kayaking and motorized outrigger or banca are available for a minimal fee. Videoke units in small restaurants near the beach can also be rented (until 2AM only).

From Cebu, one can head to Danao City in the north for the big wooden boats that leave around noon for Poro. Similarly, there are fast craft or roro that ply the Cebu City pier – Poro but the schedule can vary. From Poro, hire a multicab or habal-habal and tell the driver to bring you to Santiago Beach. The beach is free. You only pay if you use the cottage huts.

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11 thoughts on “Beautiful public white sand beach in Camotes

  1. hi. I would just like to know if this is a recent visit of yours? is Camotes ever affected by Yolanda?

  2. This is nice! I’ve heard a lot of good things about Camotes Island. I’ve also read that it was one of the places hit by Yolanda (to answer Ms. Faith there =)) But I think, Bantayan suffered more. I do hope a beauty like this would not be ruined by such a typhoon though.

  3. estancabigas says:

    Faith, its not a recent visit. Camotes might have been slightly affected.

  4. estancabigas says:

    Micole and Faith, I’ve just been to the Gigantes Island, one of the most affected areas by Yolanda. although there were really signs of damage, especially on houses and other structures, the place was still okay in terms of island hopping and other activities. So I think Camotes, which suffered less, as Micole wrote, might just be okay. Enjoy your travels 🙂

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