…even if its just beside the cemetery? I was swimming at the beautiful Santiago White Beach and from the distance, at the far end of the strip, I can see a beautiful but short strip of white sand. And I thought, wow, that one must be great for an intimate swim with a special someone. But then, as I tried to look keenly at the shadowed areas, I was just surprised! Underneath the coconut palms and mantalisay trees were sepulchers, niches of the dead! Scary!…Continue Reading “Would you still swim in this beautiful white sand beach even if…”

It’s beautiful strip of white sandy beach, clear and just amazing to frolic into. You would think that its a private resort, expensive and exclusive. But its not. In fact, its a public white sand beach, just like Quinale Beach, that is free with cottages and items for beach/watersports that can be rented. Cheap. And its found in Pacijan Island in Camotes. Santiago White Beach is the longest white sand strip in the Camotes Island group. It is located within the Santiago Bay area in…Continue Reading “Beautiful public white sand beach in Camotes”