For 333 years, Spain has colonized the Philippines and during that era, several stone churches have been built from Batanes to Mindanao. At present, these heritage churches in the Philippines are still standing, scattered around many islands and remote parts of the country. Most of these churches are difficult to reach. For example, Rizal Church in Cagayan takes 2 hours by jeepney only from Tuguegarao and there’s only one trip per day. For Agutaya, it takes minimum of three hours boat ride from Cuyo, its…Continue Reading “14 remote Spanish era churches you haven’t been to”

Its not for ordinary tourists but for intrepid adventurers who seek really off the beaten path, remote beaches in the Philippines. I’ve personally been to these places and I can attest to the beaches that have been listed here. But then, its not only about the destination. The journey is quite interesting in getting to these places. And if you brave the routes and length of travel, you will be rewarded with often white sandy shores without the crowds, touts or vendors. Below is a…Continue Reading “10 remote Philippine island beaches you haven’t been to”

I felt eyes looking at me under a grove of coconut trees where abandoned beach huts and a structure hid. I’m not sure if it was my imagination playing up but something eerie was happening. I felt it. I had goosebumps. But I was enjoying the cool water too much that I just didn’t mind, eventually. Capul where? The island of Capul is a little off northern Samar, around 1.5-2 hours from the wharf in Allen which is also the jump off point for Matnog…Continue Reading “An abandoned beach in remote Capul Island”