I want us to go back to Baguio

A moody photo of SM's tent like roofing

This is my entry to the 4th Pinoy Travel Bloggers’s Blog Carnival with the theme “Most Romantic Place” currently hosted by Aleah of Solitary Wanderer. I miss you. I miss the look of your eyes framed by those long and curly lashes that made me weak in my knees the first time I saw you. Or how you bite your lips when just watching cable TV or playing on your laptop. Or when you break out into song with your melodious voice that I fell in love with. Nevermind if some notes get off key.

And I miss our trips to Baguio. Memorable.

Ah, Baguio. We used to go up there and just spend some time in the city of pines. More than its cool weather, it has always stood for romance. I agree, its the nippy weather that make us go under the sheets, strawberries in season and just enjoying a short stroll. With you, Baguio is always golden.

A bit of a cliche really, but Baguio’s crowdedness and urban sprawl is a turn off for some but for us, it still has its charm. We’ve been to most of its traditional attractions: PMA grounds where I really liked the architecture of some of the buildings; Burnham Park with its walks and joggers and trees; Session Road with its interesting denizens and many others; Cafe by the Ruins with its good food.

Even during a wet weekend, with days just spent at the hotel room and just getting out for dinner or a late hot cup of coffee or soup. But when was our last time to be there? Hectic schedules, misunderstandings and routine has taken its toll. And now, you’re a bit distant. Unreachable. Despite my many attempts to talk with you. And I am saddened.

Let’s talk. Let’s clear things out. And let’s go back to Baguio and rekindle old flames.

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