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I was wrong about Boracay!

The new Epic, formerly Hey Jude

I admit it. I was wrong about Boracay and first impressions don’t always last. You see, my first time visit almost three years ago left a bad taste in my mouth. Now that I spent three days and three nights in this beach mecca, I take back what I said!

I was invited by Nenette Graf as part of media to cover the 22nd Boracay International Funboard Cup, having written about it in CNN Go last year. Munch on! Eat humble pie!

The funboard cup, which I wrote about last year, was just awesome and I had great fun covering it that I made it a Langyaw e-magazine issue #03. My hotel room where I stayed was indeed comfortable and luxurious. But best of all, walking through White Beach, hanging out at a coffeeshop and just experiencing the place made me turn 180 degrees and, proud to say, I like Boracay very much, even if I was again solo.

A pleasant evening can be spent just hanging out at Aria or the coffeeshop beside it

This time, I didn’t mind the touts and ambulant vendors selling everything but the kitchen sink. If you don’t pay attention to them or act disinterested, they will just steer clear of your way. I actually liked doing evening walks along White Beach. The wind is cool, the soft murmur of the waves at one side and revelry at the other.

There’s so much to see: people having fun or just dining romantically under the coconut trees or just sitting on the sand near the  shoreline, or be amazed at the Korean invasion with almost a whole portion of the pathway blocked by them.

Andoks and Mang Inasal are always full because of its cheap food
Trinkets and stuff. CLICK TO ENLARGE
One thing is sure though, especially In station 1 and 2: food and everything can be expensive. Of course, there are lots of restaurants to chose from, some serving good food while others have passable but pricey dishes.

It’s no surprise that Andoks, followed by Mang Inasal get’s the queue with their affordable food. But I did eat at the latter with their Lucban longganisa longsilog. But I enjoyed eating desserts at Cafe del Sol with their creamy cheesecake paired with black coffee.

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12 thoughts on “I was wrong about Boracay!”

  1. Ako naman sa Mang Inasal nag-lunch dati. Haha. Personally, over na ko with Boracay. Went there during the off-peak season and andami pa ring tao. Left me dizzy. Haha.

  2. @nina, you can say that. hahaha
    @claire, yup, bago na
    @cedric, well, jaded ka na pala sa boracay, me, i’m just enjoying pa 🙂

  3. I miss Boracay. I make sure na every September nasa Boracay ako since 2009 hehehe 😛

  4. cguro kase twice palang ako nakapunta kaya gusto ko pa din tlga xa. d kase ako sanay sa madameng tao na beach, Boracay plang ata napuntahan ko na crowded tlaga at my beach party, parang typical na tropical beach sa mga movies. hehe

  5. lovely place. nice pictures, i like the atmosphere. i hope to visit it soon sometime

  6. Hala wala na diay Hey Jude? It’s been years since I visited the island. Hope to be back real soon. I’ll check out your previous blog entries for lodging recommendations 🙂

  7. nice 🙂

    when i featured bora a few years back, you are one of the few who disliked the place. glad to know you had a change of heart. siguro may ka-date ka ngayon kaya mas nagustuhan mo. (kiddin’)

    see yah around sir!

  8. @oman, ala nga e. siguro, pagbalik ko meron na 🙂

  9. frankz

    boracay is a nice place (minus the crowd) to visit. but the over crowded establishments in boracay makes less likely the island to be called beauty by nature. compare that to GL in siargao island, almost all the qualities of nature is their except the over crowded establishments…

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