I miss Baguio so much that I visited this city last week! Traveling from Baguio to Metro Manila and vice versa has become better these days. And for my last trip in this northern city, I took Solid North’s P2P Baguio to PITX bus back to Makati. And how was it? I first read about the PITX to Baguio P2P bus in Facebook and was drawn to the fact that for a bus with a toilet, it just cost P500 (increased to P525 in the…Continue Reading “Riding the P2P Solid North Baguio to PITX bus”

You see these sorbeteros, ‘dirty’ ice cream vendors ubiquitously peddling this singular flavor around the tourist traps of Baguio City and La Trinidad near the strawberry fields. Just like the taho vendors, they’re cashing in on anything with strawberry in it, ice cream included. And like pesky touts in these kind of places, they can bug you to buy from them while ringing their little bells and calling out to passing tourists. But I got curious when we were walking to the strawberry fields in…Continue Reading “Baguio’s strawberry flavored dirty ice cream is actually good”

It’s one of the best desserts in Baguio and is reason enough to drop by Session Road on a cold evening to pair with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Or as a fitting cake after dinner. Vizco’s strawberry shortcake is unpretentious but memorable. A slice sits on a white dish with the fork pierced at its side when served, as they do with the other cakes. Two layers of strawberry sponge cake with thick cream filling between and on top while freshly sliced local strawberries…Continue Reading “Vizco’s strawberry shortcake in Baguio is, oh, so good!”

August was cruel. And in the next four months, from September to December, my travels were more of an escape. Come to think of it, whenever I am in Makati, I just get depressed that I have all sorts of excuses and reasons to travel. That’s what the heartbreak did to me, travel to seek refuge of being anonymous, travel to distract oneself. But no amount of traveling can console me.