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Riding the P2P Solid North Baguio to PITX bus

I miss Baguio so much that I visited this city last week!

Traveling from Baguio to Metro Manila and vice versa has become better these days. And for my last trip in this northern city, I took Solid North’s P2P Baguio to PITX bus back to Makati. And how was it?

I first read about the PITX to Baguio P2P bus in Facebook and was drawn to the fact that for a bus with a toilet, it just cost P500 (increased to P525 in the second week of September 2019) point to point. The fact that one of the terminals is PITX (Paranaque Integrated Terminal Exchange) got me more curious as I haven’t been there yet. Nevermind if its farther than those terminals along EDSA (which might eventually go if the MMDA will finaly have its way).

The P2P bus

Pangasinan Solid North Transit Inc. offered their P2P (non-stop) PITX to Baguio to PITX bus route last July 2019 and claims to be the first and only P2P service for this route. It’s a 45 seater bus in a 2×2 configuration. What I like about this one is that it’s comfortable and clean with spacious overhead baggage compartment. There is also free wifi but take note that this is dependent on the area coverage. Good wifi signal is present in cities and town centers while there are also areas with bad to no wifi signal.

Each seat has its own aircon vent and USB charging port, a seatbelt and reclines. There are two LCD TVs located at the front and a smaller one just above the toilet. The toilet is what you usually see in buses that are equipped with this amenity and is located at the middle. Because this is P2P, or point to point, the bus doesn’t stop even for meals. Although there website says it has free water, we weren’t given any during the entire trip and there were just around 6 passengers.

To manage expectations, it’s not a deluxe service bus comparable to Victory Liner’s Deluxe and Genesis’s Joy buses which have a higher price point and more amenities like 2×1 seat configuration, blankets, et cetera, but I don’t mind taking this bus as its enough for my needs and a price that is affordable.

Where to buy tickets

There are several locations where one can purchase tickets, either for single journey or round trip. Below are ticket locations:

  • PITX
  • JAC Liner terminals in Buendia and Kamias
  • LLI Terminal in Lucena, Quezon
  • Pangasinan Solid North Terminal in Cubao
  • Governor Pack Terminal in Baguio


Hourly buses from both PITX and Baguio terminals starting at 0200H until 1100H.


Left side seats have bigger leg room. As you can see below, the leg room is not equal. perhaps because of the toilet, leg space at the right side are a bit of a luxury.

Purchase your tickets online. For hassle free rides, book your tickets online at with several payment options.

Bring snacks and drinks. Since this is a point-to-point bus service, there are no meal stops. So bring enough food or snacks and drinks. Although water is said to be provided, I didn’t get one.

No blankets. As this is not a deluxe service bus like that of two other bus lines, bring your own jacket or travel blanket.

Solid North Bus
View of the bus: left, back; right, front. The bus has two LCD TVs
Solid North Bus
USB chargers and seat trays
Solid North Bus
Tale of two seats. Left, legspace between seats at the left side; right, legspace between seats at the right side
Solid North Bus
Seats at the left side of the bus. Compare the spacing between seats with the photo of the right side seating in this post
Solid North Baguio to PITX Bus
Reclining seats and seatbelts on all seats. This is the right side seating. Note the closer distances
Solid North Baguio to PITX Bus
Toilet inside the bus
Solid North Bus
Toilet inside the bus
Solid North Bus
Lavatory of the toilet inside the bus
Solid North Baguio to PITX Bus
The PITX terminal in Paranaque

Pangasinan Solid North Transit Inc.
+63 917 8866784


7 thoughts on “Riding the P2P Solid North Baguio to PITX bus”

  1. Danilo Royol

    That’s great, however I live in Kamuning, Quezon City and in close proximity to the bus terminals in Cubao and Kamias it is totally inconvenient for me to go to PITX which is too far from where I live and too costly to avail of this new service to Baguio, is there any other way especially on the return trip where I don’t want to be dropped off at the PITX and then head back to QC with the patience draining EDSA traffic and also don’t want to take the MRT as it is in a horrible state. Hopefully you can find the way, thanks.

  2. Danilo, its P2P so its only at PITX and Baguio. But. The last time I took this bus, which was last week, from PITX to Baguio, it stopped at the JAC terminal in Cubao. And dropped off student passengers in Cubao when I went back to Manila.

  3. Danilo Royol

    Thanks for the information, the JAC Liner Kamias Terminal is only a 10 minute walk from where I live is very well suited for my trip to Baguio, but where exactly in Cubao I can be dropped off on the return trip that will be a huge relief for us QC residents, let us know, thanks.

  4. Kim Joseph

    May I know the Bus Schedule from Baguio back to PITX?

  5. Danilo, I think it was at the other side, opposite Jac Terminal on the way back to PITX. I can’t remember exactly where but before Aurora Blvd.

  6. Danilo Royol

    I recently went to Baguio on official business took this bus at the JAC Liner Kamias Terminal, the bus arrived at 3:30am after leaving PITX then left Kamias 15 minutes later and onwards to Baguio upon arrival to my astonishment my trip was clocked at 3 hours 50 minutes. Compare the usual Regular Aircon fare of ₱490.00 going to Baguio its only a small ₱35.00 difference to the ₱525.00 of Pangasinan Solid North Transit P2P but the huge difference is the speedy travelling time and the onboard amenities this truly a welcome change and you get more what you pay for this Baguio trip. I will definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to go to Baguio in total comfort but easy on the budget.

  7. Percy

    This is very helpful and well detailed. Thank you very much! 😊

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