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Relaxing at Afternoon Tea Spa in Mandaue

That pampered feeling when you spend a few hours at the spa: a much needed foot scrub and massage and relaxing full body hilot. A very much welcome treatment for the tired body and sole. And that was what I did at Afternoon Tea Spa in Mandaue City which is at the ground floor of Chong Hua Hospital. Opened in September 2016, Afternoon Tea Spa offers a therapeutic approach to wellness in a British inspired setting. Royal blue walls, paintings in gold frames and delicious hot Whittard tea from the UK served in delicate bone china teacups and saucers make this spa experience one of a kind.

I was booked for the Relaxing Package: volcanic cooling foot scrub and spa (I chose this instead of the delicious sounding chocolate latte foot scrub and spa), a hot stone foot massage and hilot. For the next three hours, I was in spa heaven!

Volcanic cooling foot scrub and massage

Henry, dipped my feet in warm water and started the Volcanic cooling foot scrub. Using Human Nature products, this Volcanic Cooling scrub has not only a minty scent but has actual volcanic sand and activated bamboo charcoal plus eucalyptus and peppermint oils. It’s a soothing scrub that is said to deeply purify, revive lackluster skin and lift away impurities. The hot and cold contrast makes for a wonderful feeling.

Being a heavy walker, especially if I do missions playing Ingress or other map based mobile games my feet can become painful or just tired. Thus, the hot stone foot massage was a welcome treatment. This is a signature treatment at this spa in Mandaue and uses a real hot smooth stone that the therapist uses together with melted pure cocoa butter from Davao. It’s a really soothing and warm feeling. Renz who did this adroitly massaged my feet and calves. Don’t worry about the hot stone application, it is handled carefully by the therapist and the temperature is enough not to burn your skin. In fact, I enjoyed this treatment very much.

The Hilot

Like the foot massage, this uses 100% cocoa butter which is a skin moisturizer. Henry expertly did the whole body massage, loosening tight muscles and thus improving circulation and applying pressure at specific points to ease some back pain that I have had for sometime. I love the warm cocoa butter, adding to the relaxing therapy and a smoother skin after. I must have dozed off as the time went by fast.

Afternoon Tea is served!

What I do like about this spa in Mandaue is that they serve authentic English tea in bone china teacups and saucers! It’s classy! I had their signature tea, Whittard green tea in mango and bergamot flavor. By the way, Whittard of Chelsea is particularly known for their high quality tea products and was founded in 1886. In between foot scrub and massage, I was sipping a cup, and another. I love the flavor and sweet, fruity scent, adding to the relaxing spa experience.

This spampering’, if I may call it, was great and I highly recommend this. Classy space, wonderful tea, well trained and licensed therapists and a price that is affordable. While they offer several services, check their menu at their Facebook site (link below). You can also fill out a reservation form at this site. I encourage you to avail of their spa packages for that real pampering experience. Do book an appointment for their services.

Getting there

The spa is located at the upper ground floor of the Chong Hua Medical Arts building, at the far end of the hall where you can also find restaurants and cafes. While the location is in Mandaue, it is easily reached by pubic transportation, taxi or Grab. If coming from SM City, you can take MyBus bound for Parkmall and has a stop at the back of the hospital (you need to take the escalator to go to the upper ground floor).

spa in mandaue
The two cubicles for body massages with removal center for couples
spa in mandaue
Massage area of the spa
spa in mandaue
Treatment area for foot massages and scrubs
Left, foot spa; center, a selection of Whittard Tea (established 1886) served to guests; right, Henry preparing for the HILOT. I especially loved the fragrant Green Tea with Mango and Bergamot flavors.
Special creams, scrubs and essential oils
Navy blue and white color scheme with gold accents makes for that British theme. For tea, they serve imported tea from Britain in bone china cups

Thanx to Afternoon Tea Spa for this relaxing treat

Afternoon Tea Spa
Upperground Floor Chong Hua Medical Arts Bldg
Mandaue City
+63 32 3188986


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