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How to pamper oneself in Davao City

The couple's room of Lazuli Spa, Marco Polo Davao's well recognized spa
The couple’s room of Lazuli Spa, Marco Polo Davao’s well recognized spa

Miss, I’ll have the Aloe Vera with Peppermint Scrub with Relaxing Swedish or traditional Combination Massage.

I told the lovely attendant at Marco Polo Davao’s Lazuli Spa. I would have wanted the Milk Chocolate Latte Scrub but the thought of probably smelling chocolate made me change my mind. But that was a bad move. My companions attested that it was good. But I had already made the appointment.

After the day’s hectic activities, going around several of Davao City’s tourist parks and resorts, dining and stuff, I was craving for a pampering treatment. My body’s tired and my shoulders and legs were aching. And where to have a relaxing spa retreat in Davao City? Of course, none other than the hotel’s own Lazuli Spa.

The Lazuli Spa lobby

Located at The Deck, just infront of The Polo Bistro, Lazuli Spa has great interiors! It has a well appointed lobby where guests can wait. A second floor for foot massages and a corridor leading to the well appointed rooms. The best one? The couple’s room is the perfect place for that quality time lighted with candles, smooth piped in music and filled with relaxing scents.

But what sets Lazuli Spa apart is that Marco Polo Davao opted to hire Asmara Spa, a well respected professional spa consultancy management firm, one of the best in the industry. The architecture and interior design are also top notch modern with an Asian touch.

The foot spa area at the second floor

I entered one of the single rooms, took a bath and prepared for the scrub. The masseuse was petite and soft spoken. But let not her build fool you. With her skillful hands, I was well pampered. The aloe and pepperment scrub provided a cooling relief as my skin was exfoliated.

I lost track of the time but after an hour, she told me that the scrub was finished and I have to go to the shower. I wouldn’t have budged as I was at the brink of slumber. In a few minutes, I was again on that massage bed that looks more like an altar. I thought to myself, will I be sacrificed? I chuckled.

Exterior of Lazuli Spa as seen from the Pool Lounge.
Exterior of Lazuli Spa as seen from the Pool Lounge.

Long strokes followed by short ones. Presses and kneads. Soothing hand movements and painful pinches. But I wasn’t complaining. This is the life. Relaxing. Being massaged. I was like dough being molded by a master baker. Her expert hands glided and focused. Untying knotted muscles and at the same time giving strokes that ensured proper blood flow.

So good was the massage that I was deep in sleep. The thought of me snoring out loud would be an embarrassment but she was professional. From time to time, she would wake me up to turn or change position. And I was just there, taking her commands.

Time’s up and I just felt better.

This trip made possible by Marco Polo Davao during a fam tour in that southern city. Like their Facebook page and follow them in Twitter.

Images from my Architecture and design blog, TENZEROFOUR.COM.

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