Of crocodiles, eagles and other flying objects

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Where to go and what to do in Davao City? There are theme parks, wildlife and wakeboarding!

Davao City has plenty of attractions both for children and adults and with the many parks and resorts, there is always something to do here. Below are four of the most popular.

Angeli with a baby croc at the Davao Crocodile Park
Angeli with a baby croc at the Davao Crocodile Park

Creamy strawberry ice cream made from crocodile eggs
Creamy strawberry ice cream made from crocodile eggs
Davao Crocodile Park

Bring children. They will appreciate more the sprawling park with its animals and, of course, crocodiles which, for a fee, you can feed. And the same goes with their tiger and ostrich. The park prides itself as having modern facilities for crocodile farming with added attractions. Its a great venue to see different fauna that we are used to reading or watching in pictures. Not only are there Philippine species, including some endangered ones, there are also many from foreign countries.

Weekends are perfect as there are free shows. The best part? you can actually interact with some baby animals like this muzzled little croc for a photo op, or touch pythons. But what I liked most? Eating delicious and very creamy ice cream. The secret? Instead of using regular eggs, it uses crocodile eggs that have bigger yolks.


where to go what to do davao city
Scenic Deca Wakeboard Park in Davao with Mt. Apo in the background

Deca Wakeboard Park Davao
Located at the southern part of Davao City, specifically rustic Tacunan, Mintal is this new adventure attraction that is becoming popular with wakeboarders. The rates are competitive with world class facilities with their homegrown sports talents winning in major wakeboard events in the country.

Its location is great as its just near city amenities and spots and afternoons are great for wakeboarding with stunning views of the sunset and Mt. Apo in the background.


Beautiful gardens and montane attractions at the Eden Nature Park & Resort
Beautiful gardens and montane attractions at the Eden Nature Park & Resort

Eden Nature Park and Resort

Albeit quit far, Eden Nature Park and Resort is located 3,000 feet above sea level and that is one of the reasons why one should visit the place. Other than the cool montane weather, it is a good introduction to environmentalism. The area was once a logged area and started as a grassland in 1971. With the reforestation efforts and maintenance, it is now a sustainable and beautiful paradise where one can do treks and visit the various gardens and fruit tree plantations.

The area also offers lodging accommodation from rooms and dorms to stand alone cabins within the woods. There are hourly tours around the park but it just gives you an introduction to what the park has to offer. Staying would be a better option.


The Philippine Eagle 'Mindanao' tethered to its place at the Philippine Eagle Center
The Philippine Eagle ‘Mindanao’ tethered to its place at the Philippine Eagle Center

Philippine Eagle Center

Who would not know of the Philippine Eagle Center who successfully captively bred for the first time Pagasa, the Philippine eagle hatched from captivity? The center is sprawling with large trees and pathways meandering through gardens and various cages of captive Philippine eagles and other wildlife.

The main building is also an education venue that teaches about the conservation and breeding of the Philippines national bird!

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