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A great value for money hotel in Baguio City

The blue homey facade of Microtel Inn & Suites

Baguio is cool weather. Baguio is heart comforter. Baguio is bliss.

Who wouldn’t be delighted on what this city has to offer? Other than as a welcome treat for lowlanders, its cool temperatures does wonders to the soul. Its also the gateway to the Cordilleras with its many adventure trails and spots. For those going to Sagada, Baguio is the jump off point.

On a personal note, I always prefer to spend time in this city. A few months ago, I was here almost everyweek for a client shoot and in all those times that I’ve been coming back again and again, I asked myself: “Why not actually spend a month or two here?” That’s what I like about the place. It has an identity, history and culture that makes visitors feel welcome.

The Suite room with additional amenities like a refrigerator and receiving area

Bath room.
However, one thing that most tourists and visitors ask of Baguio is this: “Where do we stay?” New hotels and serviced residences have been sprouting for a few years now. There are also, so called transient places that are a little more like uncharming and shabby rooms that have seen better times.

Rain head showers!
But there are hotels that have become institutions in Baguio, better known for their value for money, efficient service and welcoming atmosphere. After touring around the city, from parks to viewdecks, from markets to specialty shops, a tired soul can always find solace. Microtel Inn and Suites is one and I had the fortune of spending two nights in this elegant yet very comfortable place.

From the outside, Microtel Inn and Suites doesn’t really look that big of a structure like most hotels that brag about their size. Instead, its the familiar ‘pretty house’ design like most of its other branches in the country. And it is this style that already tells you that, with its 60 rooms, it can really be a cozy home while in the city.

The lobby’s interior is comfortably easy on the eyes with its yellowish glow. Unlike other hotels that awe you with high ceilings, large vases with exotic flowers on a massive glass table at the center, the homey feel is again echoed inside.

Single room is a comfortable queen sized bed with chiropractor approved mattresses and comfy pillows

But a hotel is a hotel. And people who know there stuff really look forward to having a good room to retire to and Microtel Inn and Suites doesn’t really disappoint. Think of it this way: going around Baguio will eventually involve hiking up and down the inclines. And you don’t really have any choice. After a day’s going around the sites and shopping, it can be tiring with one’s feet and legs taking the brunt of the effort. And the hotel’s rooms are really havens to retire to for the night.

One thing that a well seasoned traveler and hotel habitue knows is this, Microtel Inn and Suites’s bed and pillows are one of the industry’s best: chiroprator approved mattresses and soft pillows assures one of a nice comfortable sleep enough to energize for the next day’s tour or travel. Rooms are appropriately furnished and amenities are complete down to room wifi. Bath rooms are also equipped with rain shower heads which I really like and look for.

At the end of the day, a comfortable and great value for money hotel is really what matters most.

Roy Martin, Area Manager
Roy Martin, Area Manager
Another good thing for the hotel is its location which is in the quite side. It’s right smack beside the Victory Liner terminal and even has a covered walkway connecting both establishments. For the bus passengers, always check for promos offered by the hotel.

Microtel Inn and Suites is moderately priced, catering mostly to travelers and tourists who knows good quality service by experienced hoteliers. At the end of the day, real value for money and homey comfort sets Microtel Inn and Suites from the rest of Baguio City hotels.

Microtel Inn and Suites is operated by the Wyndham group, an international hotel and resort chain known worldwide for its great and impeccable service. A stay at the hotel already includes buffet breakfasts at the Te Quiero. For more information, visit their website at

5 thoughts on “A great value for money hotel in Baguio City”

  1. Adelle

    this is what i love about Microtel, they live up to their slogan. it’s the same room anywhere in the world. Microtel Baguio is one of the most beautiful in the Philippines 🙂

  2. estancabigas

    I really like the very comfortable bed and soft pillows!

  3. Nomadic Traveller

    That is what really is important, standardization of service wherever you go so that clients would always trust your brand.

  4. one can always tell if a bed was nice based on the headboard. most of the time, when there’s effort to crown a bed with a nifty headboard, chances are, the bed itself is high-grade. i love how the rainshower looks so new. overall the hotel, from the outside and inside, looks so well kept and clean. not at all spooky, especially in Baguio where I’ve seen a lot of spooky accommodations already.

  5. Funkybabyice

    Nice article. We will go here in July 6-8 🙂

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