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Baguio on a wet weekend


map_baguio.gif Baguio City conjures images of misty mountains, cool weather and denizens neatly bundled in jackets even if Metro Manila is sizzling in high temperatures during the hot summer months. But what about Baguio City on a wet weekend with the ITCZ (intertropical convergent zone) playing up in this part of the world bringing the occasional rains and drizzles and just wet, wet weather? Not bad!

No trips to the strawberry fields or the obligatory pony ride at Wright Park. Not even a strenuous climb up the steps leading to the grotto or a trite view of Mines View Park and other tourist traps. Just a stroll up and down Session Road exercising ones leg muscles and a trip to the market. Or sitting and sipping a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee where, because of the weather, its not just another ordinary brewed beverage but it is COFFEE. Or enjoying bowl of not just mami or lugaw but MAMI or LUGAW.


Of course with nothing much to do malling is perfectly alright at SM where it seems most people of this upland city and nearby environs converge for the nth time.


Not to be deterred with the on and off drizzle, a family enjoys another swan ride at the man made lake at Burnham Park.


Zola is a popular hangout at night on a weekend especially of the younger set with seats and tables usually occupied full that other patrons are lining outside even on a wet night. During the day, geeks take over because of the free wifi offered by this cafe even if the food is just so so. By the way, Gomi has this to say about Zola.


4 thoughts on “Baguio on a wet weekend”

  1. Is it still extraordinarily cold even with the SM Mall? It’s been years since I’ve last visited the province. The last time I’ve been there, wala pa ang SM so I really enjoyed the weather. Now I’m missing Mt. Sto. Tomas and La Trinidad Valley.

  2. antonette, baguio is cold that’s why SM don’t need such airconditioning! Its the only SM mall in the country that doesn’t need one 🙂

    I like its architecture, like a humongous tent atop a hill but if you’re used to the malls in Metro Manila, bitin yung mall nila. Ang liit kasi.

    Thanx for the visit.

  3. WTF! Pumunta ka nga ng ZOLA!?!?!

  4. O naman pre! Got curious and wanted to verify what you said 🙂

    Tagal ko na rin di naka balik jan 🙂

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