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I was reading Claire’s First Time Travels blog carnival post when it hit me: why not propose this to the great guys at the Pinoy Travel Bloggers Facebook group? This would be a good way of promoting not only our individual travel blogs but of promoting the Philippines as well based on the different viewpoints that these peripatetic group of people from various backgrounds sharing their experiences and insights about the aspects of traveling in the country and around the world. With the warm reception to the idea, Pinoy Travel Bloggers’s Blog Carnival is expected to be a regular undertaking and hosting will be rotated among the participating bloggers. Note: Hosts of blog carnivals should not designate ‘nofollow’ links to participating travel bloggers. Logo by Lilliane Cobiao of

#1 Best Place in the Philippines

Estan’s hosts the first blog carnival with fifteen Pinoy travel blogger participants posting their best destination that they’ve gone to in the Philippines. Check out the post.

#2 Quaint Places in the Philippines

RV of Living In a Backpack hosts the 2nd edition of the blog carnival with the said theme.

#3 Pinoy Quirky Food

WEIRD. WILD. and mouth-WATERING? Check out Journeying James as he hosts the third edition of the Pinoy Travel Bloggers’s Blog Carnival for interesting cuisine.

#4 Most Romantic Place

Aleah of Solitary Traveler hosts this month’s blog carnival.

#5 Best One Day Itinerary You’ve Had So Far

Karlo de Leon hosts this month’s blog carnival with 15 participating bloggers.

#6 Solo Traveling

This is the biggest blog carnival to date! The participating 32 bloggers share their thoughts on solo traveling which is hosted by Nina of Just Wandering. Check the post out!

#7 My Hometown

Mhe-ann Ojeda is this edition’s host with over 24 Pinoyt travel bloggers writing about their hometowns. Check the post out!

#8 Rizal and Travel

Ivan Henares hosts this month’s blog carnival in honor of Philippine National Hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal’s 150th birth anniversary with 20 participating travel bloggers.

#9 Awesome Food Experiences Around the Philippines

Anton Diaz hosts the July 2011 blog carnival edition with 30 entries focusing on the gustatory delights that the bloggers found around the country during their

#10 Manila, Our Manila

Angel Juarez, aka
the lakwatsero hosts the tenth edition with a focus on the ever loyal city of Manila. Check the post out, and it will change your image of the city.

#11 Unforgettable Human Encounters on the Road

Nomadic Experiences (Marky Ramone Go) hosts the 11th blog carnival with 33 Pinoy Travel Bloggers participating and elucidating on their road experiences with other people. Learn how they made new
friends or went home enriched with new experiences.

#12 Tales from the dark side of travels

The Pinay Solo Backpacker collates stories and posts on the unusual and anything related to death, myths and hauntings which is just apt as Filipinos remember the departed on the first two days of November.

#13 A Bliss Called Mindanao

The Travelteller hosts this edition of the blog carnival with a special focus on Mindanao. As we all know, the second largest island of the country is prone to negative publicity even if the rustlings just concern a small percentage of its land area. Here, participating travel bloggers write about the beauty and abundant bounty of Mindanao that people
should check out!

#14 The Journey is the Destination

Kara Santos of Travel Up hosts this edition by focusing not on destinations or people but on the journey itself. As they say, the journey is the destination. More than 30 pinoy travel bloggers joined this blog
carnival and do read the interesting posts.

#15 3 Days and 2 Nights: Trip Planning Tips and Ideas in the Philippines

Eileen Campos of Possibly Pinay collates this edition of the blog carnival. With almost 20 travel
bloggers contributing, you’ll be at a loss as to what to do and where to go first for a 3 days, 2 nights trip.

#16 Why you should Date a Traveler

Lauren of Epic Potato compiles a heartwarming series of posts from other travel bloggers and it gives you a peek at the soft (mushy?) side of these travelers.

#17 Take a Leap of Faith

Destiny? Choice? Be inspired of these travel bloggers who took that leap of faith and decided (and realized) they were born to roam the world. Check out Reiza’s compilation.

#18 Our Dream Destinations And Making It A Reality

The Traveling Dork hosts this month’s blog carnival with bloggers
sharing their dream destinations. Curious? Click the link above.

#19 Traveling With Your Mom (Mother’s Day Special)

We love our mothers and what better way to express this on Mother’s Day is this blog carnival hosted by Alvin Sabay. Come to know of why Pinoy Travel Bloggers hold their moms special.

#20 How to Fund Your Wanderlust

The traveler Journeying James hosts this edition of the blog carnival with an interesting question that I’m sure many travelers and would-be travelers will find useful.

#21 The Journey that Made Us a Travel Blogger

29 travel bloggers, 29 travelers posting about that journey that made them into what they are now. 29 interesting stories hosted by Edmaration.

#22 Where would you travel given 1000 peso budget?

Where? For just P1,000? Is it possible? 13 travel bloggers show you, from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao where and what you can do with this amount of money but still enjoy it. Cris Reyes compiles these.

#23 The Visayas Roundup

The Visayas, a collection of several islands in Central Philippines with interesting culture, heritage food and adventure. Check out Ding Fuellos of The Pinoy Explorer as he compiles the posts of 29 participating travel bloggers.

#24 Philippine Walking Tours

Glenn of Traveler on Foot hosts this month’s blog carnival. Known for his walk’s, what better way to have this theme on walking tours around the country.

#25 Hello Stranger: Once Unwritten Stories

Travel is bliss and sometimes, especially for the solo traveler, it can be reason enough to make dalliances while on the road. Ron Cruz of Flip N’ Travels hosts this months blog carnival with, ahem, interesting stories.
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#26 The Year We Traveled Like Its the End of the World (hosted at Pinay Travel Junkie & Between Coordinates)

This is a fitting year ender that with the sheer number of participants, all 57 pinoy travel bloggers! Gay and Regine hosts these diverse blog carnival.

#27 13 Things Why You’ll Love New Beginnings this 2013

Rojae of THE ADVENTUROUS ADVENTUROJ compiles this month’s edition, more on the theme of new beginnings, a good way to start the new year, 2013. Check out how 34 Pinoy Travel Bloggers tackle the year.

#28 Where Do Travelers with Broken Hearts Go

Ang Rakistang Nars summarizes 24 posts from 24 travel bloggers who contributed to this month’s blog carnival edition. Where do you mend your borken heart?

#29 You Never Stop Learning: A Validectory Speech

Ladies and Gentlemen, the PTB class of 2013, all 13, the lucky number. Miss Backpacker congratulates the honorables with this beautiful compilation.

#30 Travel Bloggers as Diamonds in the Sky

Lakbay Diva hosts this month’s edition, a theme fit for April Fool’s month: 11 Pinoy Travel Bloggers brave enough to narrate their experiences and bursts of funniest, silliest, and dumbest moments.

#31 Summer Epilogue

Summer is ending. Hot months is coming to be a memory as the wet season ushers in. But for Pinoy Travel Bloggers, is this the end of joyful travel? Backpacking with a Book compiles the contributions in this month’s blog carnival.

#32 Travel with a Difference

Grasya Bangoy hosts the June edition of the blog carnival with a different kind of travel that is more geared to causes. Sixteen stories from different travel bloggers highlights the spirit of volunteerism!

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  1. Just leaving my footprints here, to let you know I was here. More power!

  2. I feel inspire reading your blog. It makes me wanna travel more and explore the Philippines. Await for your more travel stories and guides. 🙂

  3. This is so nice. Hope I can join someday =)

  4. Wow, I have enough reading material to last my lifetime. Thanks for the list.

  5. Thanks for the list. I would like also to create those list soon! God bless!

  6. great idea! I think I wanna join..

  7. Wow! I hope I could partake in this soon. I’m trying to join the pinoy travel bloggers community on Facebook with my new blog – well, not entirely new, but kinda. 🙂

  8. Regin

    How can I join?

  9. Regin Reyno

    How can I join?

  10. if you are a filipino travel blogger and have a minimum of 20 travel posts, you can be added to the group.

  11. Anonymous

    you have to visit the facebook page and request to be added. But first, make sure you have minimum of travel related blog posts

  12. Anonymous

    vida, just make sure you have minimum of 20 travel related posts 😉

  13. aicute12

    wow. i like. bakit ngayon ko lang nakit to! i wanna join too!! 🙂

  14. Wow it’s only now that I saw this message. I recently moved in to, and yes, I have much more than 20 travel-related posts. How do I go about it?

  15. yaniconquistadora

    Very promising and wish to participate in activities like these too! ^_^

  16. mark julius Estur

    this is a nice concept. i would love to share my thoughts also with fellow bloggers and the travellers in general. how can i join the group? thanks

  17. estancabigas

    Hi Mark, you need to be part of the Pinoy Travel Bloggers group in FB.

  18. mark julius Estur

    thanks for the reply sir. i already sent a request but there’s no feedback yet. hehe

  19. estancabigas

    can’t see you’re profile in the pending list. what’s ur blog address?

  20. estancabigas

    Fred, let me think about it.

  21. Colleen Caryl Leslie Torres

    Thank you so much for this! You’re all very helpful in guiding travelers who are deciding on where to go, etc. Thank you for showcasing Mindanao here since I am from Cagayan de Oro and I really wanted to travel around Mindanao this summer; your resources are very helpful. All the best and bless you all! ^__^

  22. keno

    i also experienced davao leverte massage spa, it was a good spa in davao…have many male therapist to selet at thier facebook…they also have their hot line 284-06-62 and 0920-504-2258..when . i go to thier place, the cashier tell me to select male therapist , i choose moreno and varsity player,his name is gab…he is good looking,athletic body,,,and wow…owesome,,he is big ,,i promise to be back at leverte spa again..

  23. Jayson Smithson

    Thanks for the list estancabigas! I’m checking on solitarywanderer’s most romantic place. I’m also currently looking for philippine real estate

  24. TheSoulExplorer

    Galing naman! Kulang pa yata experience ko para makasali. Hehe

  25. estancabigas

    may theme naman per month. you might want to check it out at Pinoy Travel Bloggers FB page 🙂

  26. Mhe-anne Ojeda

    been gone and have not updated my list. pero pang ilan na ba ung December. parang yung sa July 2013 pang #33 na tama ba?

  27. estancabigas

    Mhe-ann, i did not compile na ung last few months. I was planning of tweaking the blog carnival but someone just took it then dropped it as soon as she finished hosting.

  28. Reyza Marxel Kennedy

    after hours of searching for a group of travel bloggers in the PH… nahanap ko din… unfortunately newbie pa lang po ako… i wanted sana po to join a group to get more tips & to be more inspired… pero i shall blog & travel more para “worthy” na ako makasama… 😀
    hirap lang for a 23 year old, unemployed nurse, na volunteer (lalo na ng nag-yolanda) like me to travel… hehehe…

    thanks po again for this post… i shall bookmark it! 🙂

  29. estancabigas

    Reyza, okay lang yan. Just keep on writing 🙂

  30. Filipina Mendoza

    how can i join the Pinoy Travel Bloggers, im blogging not sseriously just once in while, i want to get more tips in travelling im now on my 52nd province and hopefully finish it before i retire, by the way im 51 yrs old lola tripadora, accountant by profession..

  31. estancabigas


    You just go to the Pinoy Travel Bloggers page in FB and make a request. You should have at least a travel blog, minimum 20 posts, 80 travel related.

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