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Travel History

This page summarizes my history of traveling within the Philippines. Click on the maps for further details.

Travel history early 2013 travelhistorymap6.gif travelhistorymap5.gif travelhistorymap4.gif travelhistorymap3.gif travelhistorymap2.gif travelhistorymap1.gif

7 thoughts on “Travel History”

  1. ramon

    Where in Dinagat have you been?

  2. ramon, I was in Libjo then stayed a few days in Eva ata yun. I didn’t know anyone from their. I just decided to go there 🙂

  3. hi estan, we like the photo on the right… reminds of of some aztec art in central america. very beautiful site:

  4. Anonymous

    thanx freddy 🙂

  5. estancabigas

    Sa Libjo 🙂

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