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Travel history: College years 1991 – 1996

Travel history: College

I’m tracing my travel history from 1974 up to the present. This post is 2nd of 5 in the series.

I have decided to move out of Cebu for my tertiary education as I felt that I need to explore the world more. Being just in Cebu means being boxed. I have never regretted my decision. College has, in a way, enriched my experiences. I have pushed the boundaries of my travels.

My butterfly collection fever has brought me to the forested mountains of Atimonan, Quezon where I usually frequent. I have explored the rugged jungles of Bataan and Dinagat just above Surigao.

Having been a member of the college mountaineering group, I was able to visit different mountains in Quezon, Laguna and Batangas.

My best friend is an Ilonggo from Bacolod and I have visited his place from time to time as well as crossed to Iloilo and Miag-ao in Panay for a day’s trip when I was left at his house with nothing to do. This also provided me an opportunity to travel between Cebu and Negros via San Carlos and Dumaguete.

Tarlac and Bataan were quite near enough that I have to visit these upon the invitation of a classmate and a boardmate. With another friend and classmate from highschool, we went home by tracing the highway from Manila all the way to Ormoc and then taking a ferry to Cebu.

One summer, I was in my father’s hometown and stayed there for a few days and visited Pagadian as well as Midsalip in Zamboanga del Sur when my grandmother passed away.

Ever since I have spent some years in Metro Manila, I have always wanted to go to places and travel.

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Map by Eugene Villar’s Lakbayan

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