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Travel history: Late 2007 – early 2008

travel_history_jan08.gifI’m tracing my travel history from 1974 up to the present. This post picks up from the previous 5.

I am updating my travel map as there are new destinations that I have visited. When I did the Luzon – Visayas loop via land and sea, I was able to visit for the first time the Panay provinces of Capiz and Aklan. I’m not a beach person but, thank God, due to some roro schedule foul ups, I forayed in Boracay for just an hour, another first. From Caticlan, I then docked at Roxas in Mindoro Oriental and marked my first entry into this big island of Mindoro before exiting Calapan on my way back to Makati City.

I am also correcting two errors from the previous map: I have included Panaon, an island just south of Leyte since the ferry from Lipata, Surigao docks at Liloan. I made this trip when I was still based in Mindanao a few years ago. The second correction involves Kalinga which I have visited during an entomological trip with French contacts but I have shaded Apayao instead.

There you have it, my current travel history as of this time. This year, I’m setting my sights on Masbate and its two sister islands of Burias and Ticao as well as finally seeing the Hundred Islands of Alaminos, Pangasinan. Not far behind are Quirino, the Bondoc Peninsula in Quezon, Zamboanga Sibugay and Basilan as well as Guimaras. If an awaited photo project will materialize, I will definitely visit the Caramoan Peninsula in Bicol, Biliran, Antique and Siquijor.

Check a summary of my travel history.

Map by Eugene Villar’s Lakbayan


8 thoughts on “Travel history: Late 2007 – early 2008”

  1. I really enjoyed my stay in Masbate and Ticao island.
    Very Wild West… with cowboys (and cowgirls 😉
    Interesting ranches… small fishing villages.

    As of Basilan I don’t think I will ever visit it… it is not even on my bucket list! 😉

    I hope to visit Siqijor and Bohol very soon ! 🙂
    Anyway my map of the Philippines is still quite white… so I have plenty of exciting choices ahead.

  2. Wow, Well traveled indeed. I will be looking forward to your next trips.

    I am now in the land that greets “Sawadee”. I’ll post lots of pics when I go back home.

  3. sidney, with the rate you are in many places, those white will be blue 🙂

    Lawstude, Sawadee Krap. It has been a while since I’ve been to BKK but in the future…

  4. Wow! an A- Traveler… very well-traveled.
    me, i only got a C-. marami pang kakaining bigas. hehe

  5. okay lang na bai. there is always time to travel the country.

  6. luna

    you should really visit the Caramoan peninsula. super sulit po. Explore and have good shots of all the beaches.

  7. Luna, thank you. Caramoan is really at the top of my list.

  8. Caramoan is really beautiful and I’m looking forward to explore Masbate. This is i think the least explored province in Bicol, I heard of unspoiled white-sand beaches in Burias and Ticao.

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