The Venetian in Macau is bigger than it’s Las Vegas brother. The gondolas and faux facade gives you a taste of what Venice is about with singing gondoliers, multicolored building fronts and even a mechanically moving sky. Its a shopping mecca with a spectacular Cirque du Soleil production.

Walking the streets and alleys in Old Macau is perhaps one of the most rewarding things to do in this territory. Not only that you get to get familiar with the way of life of most Macanese, you also get a glimpse of its old soul.

This ain’t a fair world, really. There are just some doors open to those with the right credentials. In Macau, there’s a particular portal that is reserved for the ultra rich and high rollers. Piles of money that they can afford to burn in a night.

Largo do Lilau (Lilau Square), an old quarter, is part of the Historic Center of Macau, inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage site. Here, rows of Portuguese style houses in pastel colors give the place an old world feel.