Prayers and joss sticks at A-ma Temple

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Spiral joss sticks at the temple. CLICK TO ENLARGE

I was invited by the Macau Government Tourism Office-Philippines (MGTO) together with other travel writers and bloggers for a familiarization tour to this interesting place last May and it was a beautiful experience with its cuisine, glitz and old world charm. Burning spiral joss sticks were hung at the temple cielings, their fragrance filling the room. It was rather a cramped and chaotic setup with various religious items inside and red tags with chinese inscriptions. From time to time, devotees come and kneel, hands clasped, eyes closed and lips moving with prayer.

A-ma Temple is one of the popular religious sites located at the southwestern tip of Macau dedicated to the goddess Mazu or Matsu, the patron of fishermen and seafarers and protector of the sea. It is also one of the oldest, built in 1488, predating the Portuguese arrival.

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