Once bets are placed, all is in a hush as the battle ensues, all eyes are at the center as the cocks fight it out to the death. Within a minute or two, its over. Another death at the arena.

A-ma Temple is one of the popular religious sites located at the southwestern tip of Macau dedicated to the goddess Mazu or Matsu, the patron of fishermen and seafarers and protector of the sea. It is also one of the oldest, built in 1488, predating the Portuguese arrival.

It was my first time to watch Chinese opera and I had the fortunate advantage of also going backstage during a performance at a local festival. The colors, the costumes, makeup and sounds were something memorable.

An alternative travel from Naga City to CWC. Interesting with beautiful sceneries along the way. It was an experience worth taking: a trip from Naga City to CWC, world class wakeboarding and water sports facilities via skates, a wooden and motorized contraption that transports people and goods using extant rails.

My Busuanga aerials that I featured before will be in a unique exhibition. Entitled Earth & Art, this is Net 25’s Tribe offering for the environment. As one of the featured artist/photographer, I will be showing my work, “Busuanga: From Forests to Farmlands.”