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Death in the arena, cockfighting in Cebu

Ready for the kill

The arena was circular, like most cockfighting arenas found in Cebu and I was just fortunate that when I visited this place in San Nicolas, Cebu City’s old quarter, el pueblo antiguo, that Rizal visited, there was a cockfight going on. Motorcycles and cars were parked infront of it.

I’ve always been curious what happens inside. While I’m familiar with the tigbakay, impromptu cockfighting sessions which are illegal and made in some open place in the barangay, like spider fights, I haven’t stepped foot inside an actual arena. This time, I fed my curiosity, entered, paid the P20 peso entrance and went about shooting.

Its better organized, legal and with big game players gracing the event. When the betting begins, it can get noisy and rowdy with the kristos, one who get the bets, calling out and with strange gesticulations that only the other players now. Once bets are placed, all is in a hush as the battle ensues, all eyes are at the center as the cocks fight it out to the death. Within a minute or two, its over.

Another death at the arena.

10 thoughts on “Death in the arena, cockfighting in Cebu”

  1. marco

    woh..aus ah..sabong..tagal ko ng di nakakita nito hehe

  2. @marco, thrilling siya panoorin 🙂

  3. => You know what sir, mga ganito ang gustong story gaya nang spider fight article mo dati. Dun talaga ako na-impress kaya fave ko tong blog niyo. eto merun na naman, stories about our society which I fail to make but trying so hard to make one. hehehe. Mas like ko ganitong stories than mga travel blog [although I also blog a lot about travel hehehe].

    More of this type please! hehe..

  4. @ed, as long as its something about a place, its still travel related, thus the reason na i include it here. 🙂

    baka meron ka alam na mga aphrodisiacs, balitaan mo ako 🙂

  5. Ronilobinasbas

    personnaly i dont like cockfighting…. a another form of maltreatment to animals…. the fighting cocks dont even know that the tari that was tied on their feet will kill them…

  6. Liezlhermosa

    ask lang po, pano po malalaman ang sked ng cock fight? regular poh bha ? anong day at oras ?

  7. Anonymous

    Leizl, it really depends on the gallera. just ask

  8. Edgardo Bitancur

    cockfighting really considered blood sport but for me it is one way of releasing week long hour working stress for those cockfighting enthusiast…. breeders like me I seldom bets and go to cockpit arenas to see it live..

  9. Michelle

    Saan po sa Cebu itong cock fight?

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