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Skating the rails of Naga City to CWC

An alternative travel from Naga City to CWC. Interesting with beautiful sceneries along the way.
It was an experience worth taking: a trip from Naga City to CWC, world class wakeboarding and water sports facilities via skates, a wooden and motorized contraption that transports people and goods using extant rails. Much like the ones seen in several parts in Manila.

I was intrigued with riding one than taking the usual bus or jeepney or even the taxi which takes passengers to the wakeboarding venue for P250. But I was informed beforehand: be adviced that you might pay a premium, when asking to be taken to Pili. From the downtown area, I rode a jeepney and went down Concepcion where one can board the skates.

P100, the driver told me for a trip to Barangay Catmon, Miloar, the drop off point where I can get a motor to the venue which is less than a kilometer away. I obliged. Never mind the rather steep cost but it was something to look forward to.

The trip took me around 45 minutes but the rural views were a great change from the usual highways and drab structures along the way and evading the many vehicles. We passed fields made golden by ripening rice and power pylons lording the paddies. Impressive views of Mt. Isarog looming in the background. Just stunning.

Whenever we encounter another skate, there’s even a protocol being followed: the one with the lowest capacity should give way. Giving way means going down, carting the skate to the side and when the other passed, put back again and board. Simple life!

The route seemed endless with the rails stretching to the horizon. I wasn’t complaining. I enjoyed taking in the landscape, smiling and shooting. Never mind if it drizzled a little bit but I was just feeling free and happy. At Catmon, I went down and the driver turned his skate in the other direction and went ahead.

5 thoughts on “Skating the rails of Naga City to CWC”

  1. Do the skates share the rail with regular passenger trains?

  2. @bertN, yes. but if its incoming, of course, umaalis sa riles. pasintabi muna.

    @suroy, okay kaayo ni bai 🙂

  3. I didn’t know about this… Sana na-try ko ito when I was in Camsur last October… Thanks for sharing… Happy Trip!!! =D

  4. say the skates has lot more passengers than the incoming train (let’s just say for the sake of mind exercise), will the train give way? lol.

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