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STOP! Ultra rich and high rollers here only

This ain’t a fair world, really. There are just some doors open to those with the right credentials. In Macau, there’s a particular portal that is reserved for the ultra rich and high rollers. Piles of money that they can afford to burn in a night.

I was invited by the Macau Government Tourism Office-Philippines (MGTO) together with other travel writers and bloggers for a familiarization tour to this interesting place last May and it was a beautiful experience with its cuisine, glitz and old world charm. We were whisked to a side entrance, to a restricted part of the Sofitel Ponte 16. Inside, a cavernous hall with a grand staircase greeted us. From the looks of it, it was already screaming LUXURY.

Aptly called the Mansion, it is a series of presidential suites, the ultimate accommodation that has its own butler service and opulent rooms and amenities that has great views of Macau and neighboring China across the river. It has 19 units and each has different designs and themes. If you have around US$2,000 as loose change, then, do book at the Mansion.

My humble room at the hotel. CLICK TO ENLARGE

View of China across the river from the hotel window. CLICK TO ENLARGE
For us, we were accommodated at one of the 400 rooms and suites of the hotel that costs starting at around US$200 a night. Mine was particularly well appointed with good views of the Pearl River Delta and neighboring Guangzhou. The room was just comfortable with plush beds and pillows, large LCD flat screen TV, and a beautiful bathroom with L’Occitane products.

Michael Jackson's glove from his Motown 25 performance. CLICK TO ENLARGE
Like the other hotels in the area, it has comeons like the MJ Gallery that has memorabilia from Michael Jackson including the sequined glove at right which the artist wore in his Motown performance. There are also other items like dresses and costumes from different Hollywood movies.

For breakfast, we have it at the Mistral Restaurant with its wonderful breakfast buffet that consists of both western and oriental dishes. However, it can get boring as the dishes there tend to be the same thing.

But what I do like about the location of Sofitel Ponte 16 is that it is in old Macau with its old buildings and structures. It is just a short walk to the Leal Senado, Macau’s iconic Mater Dei and Camoes Garden. If not, one can just sit by the window and enjoy the river view.

Its a luxurious place to stay amidst old world charm.

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