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The first goto Batangas in Cebu

Finally, its here! The first goto Batangas in Cebu! Cebuanos seem to be discovering new regional dishes lately with the introduction of not so common cuisine. For this goto Batangas, its the second I know of that comes from that southern Luzon province. A while back, I’ve posted about Batangas lomi, a different take of the usual lomi noodle dish that we are accustomed to.

Francis Gorosin, a Talisaynon, opened Kuzina de Talisay last January 10. Having explored regional dishes while studying in Luzon, he intended to introduce Cebuanos to different cuisines from around the Philippines. He first tried goto Batangas at Mang Oliver’s Goto in Sto Tomas in that province and loved it. Thus, bringing it here in Cebu.

I first tried goto Batangas when I visited Tiaong, Quezon, arriving early in the morning and had it for breakfast, the perfect dish to warm the belly.

Goto Batangas in Cebu

For most Cebuanos, goto is a familiar dish. But unlike the one that has similarities to lugaw (porridge) with innards, goto Batangas doesn’t have any rice component. Instead, its a hearty soup dish made from mostly beef offal. It has pieces of tripe, intestines, skin, heart, liver and oh, so tender meat stewed for hours.

Francis patterned his goto Batangas from Mang Oliver’s but made a slight modification to suit his and the Cebuano’s taste. The soup stock, according to him is the most important. He uses achuete (annato) seeds, rice washing and beef bones that has been boiling for 24 hours. The meat, he stews for six.

I just love their goto Batangas. It’s hot and delicious with lots of meat. Add kalamansi as a souring agent and chili for that kick. It’s perfect for a cold and wet weather that I came back a second time and had a small bowl.

Kuzina de Talisay’s goto Batangas has two sizes: PHP60 for a regular bowl and PHP120 for a bigger, overloaded one with additional ingredients.

Other dishes

Kuzina de Talisay also has several other local dishes like various sizzling items, silogs, barbecue, wings and many more. They also have regional ones like dinakdakan from Ilocos, igadu from Isabela, kilayin from Pampanga and special batchoy, a traditional Iloilo noodle dish among other items. Do note that they actually use shrimp paste sourced from Oton, Iloilo for their batchoy, which is one of the traditional ingredients. The batchoy and barbecued meat is offered starting at 4 PM.

I highly recommend trying out this goto Batangas in Cebu. It’s different, yet very delicious and sating.

Goto Batangas in Cebu
My lunch of goto Batangas, meat torta, rice and watermelon slices
Goto Batangas in Cebu
Different kinds of offal from skin, heart, intestines, liver, tripe and more
Goto Batangas in Cebu
Chopping offal for the goto Batangas
Goto Batangas in Cebu
Preparing goto Batangas
Goto Batangas in Cebu
Chopped offal, hot soup
KIlayin or Kapampangan kilawin
Kuzina de Talisay’s batchoy
At night, this barbecue station comes to life

The first #gotobatangas in Cebu! Cebuanos! Kuzina de Talisay opened today and they are serving the first #goto Batangas in Cebu. It’s overloaded with beef offal and meat cooked for hours in a delicious hot soup with a smooth kick. Lami kaayo! You should try #kuzinadetalisay goto Batangas and savor a #Batangueno original dish! @kdetalisay is located in Tabunok. #talisayfood #cebufoodie #cebufood #pinoyfood #foodtokph #talisaycebu #talisaynon #talisaycity

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