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Ginabot sa Pardo, a must try Cebu street food

Ginabot sa Pardo is one of the best places to get deep fried pork intestines, a popular street food in Cebu.

Go to any pungko-pungko, Cebu’s veritable street side dining and ginabot (deep fried pork intestine) is a staple. One of the best yet affordable places to eat this delicious morsel can be found in Pardo. This barangay used to be a separate town during the Spanish colonial era and it even has an imposing 19th century church. It’s on the way south to the city of Talisay.

Ginabot sa Pardo

Robinson Sabellano started Ginabot sa Pardo 18 years ago and has been in the same spot. Located at an intersection between the market and a pharmacy, and at the same street as Cafe Eufemia, locals and visitors alike have been coming here for years to eat ginabot. This, and other fried pork parts ranging from heart, tongol (pig stomach), lobot (pig ass but cleaned very well), liver, crab meat stuffed crab shell to pork chop. Ginabot sa Pardo is so popular that it’s main product has even reached Manila and abroad.

I first heard about this around 4 years ago and had my first taste before the pandemic and I’ve always recommended it to family and friends. It’s really very good: well seasoned and very crispy yet affordable. Dip it in soy sauce with calamansi and chili peppers. Pair it with puso (hanging rice) and ice cold soft drinks and you’ll have a very sumptuous and filling lunch.

When to go

Ginabot sa Pardo is only available 9AM-1PM everyday except Sunday. But go there early as by 11AM, the ginabot is most likely gone. Starting in the afternoon till night, Robinson’s brother takes over and sells barbecue. At the time of this writing, the ginabot costs PHP30 per piece.

You can also order beforehand. Contact Robinson (09089353151) day before or by 7am on the day of your order.

Ginabot sa Pardo
My lunch consisting of puso (hanging rice), fried meat: ginabot, filled crab shell, and pork chop. Top, calamansi slices and chili which will be used in the soy sauce dip.
Ginabot sa Pardo
Ginabot, chicharon bulaklak in Tagalog is deep fried pork intestine
Ginabot sa Pardo
Slicing fried pork chop
Fried offal and pork
Ginabot sa Pardo
Lechon kawali or deep fried pork
Ginabot sa Pardo
Packets of soy sauce, chili peppers, calamansi and onions serve as the perfect dipping sauce for ginabot and other fried pork meat
Robinson Sabellano fries different kinds of pork offal and ginabot from a plastic container.
Street side dining
Ginabot sa Pardo
The Ginabot sa Pardo street side dining area