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My first taste of lamaw Cebu

I finally tried lamaw Cebu! And I’m not kidding!

Last December, while craving for batchoy, I searched Facebook for some suggestions near me. Good enough, Boy Guapo’s Batchoy atbp popped in my feed. I’m not really looking for La Paz batchoy type of this favorite noodle soup dish as I know that Cebu’s is different. So off I went one afternoon for late lunch. It was after I ordered the batchoy that I saw that they also have lamaw. This piqued my curiosity. But because I didn’t want to fully stuff myself, I visited a second time.

Lamaw Cebu

Lamaw is a local Cebuano dish that, based on what I have seen in photos consists of rice, egg, usually siomai then topped with chili sauce and ground chicharon. It’s not only for breakfast but eaten too throughout the day. There are variations though on the type of toppings in some other diners. Just a background, for the longest time, I’ve been curious on what really is this lamaw Cebu. Because as I know it, lamaw can be two things:

  1. dessert of scraped fruit mixed with milk and sugar, or
  2. left over food that is usually fed to pigs

This, I think is a recent trend and have seen it popping all over social media.

So I ordered their sisigmaw (PHP79), lamaw Cebu with an addition of sisig as toppings. I then had a side of kinupusan (PHP30), pork with the fat rendered until it becomes crispy. I do like their sisigmaw. Well seasoned sisig and siomai in a spicy sauce of chili oil pinched with calamansi. Complex flavors in your mouth, various textures from sisig bits to the soft siomai plus powdery chicharon. The kinupusan though has to be dipped in vinegar to cut its oilyness.

Other food available

The batchoy (PHP60) is good too. Flavorful noodle soup, but still different from the ones I have in Iloilo. It’s topped with hard boiled egg, liver, pork pork pieces, and chicharon.

Other than these, their lamaw Cebu has different versions with toppings ranging from tocino, hotdog, cornbeef, bangus to sardines (PHP70-100). They have ngohiong, dynamite, hotdog, pansit canton and many others (PHP15-40). Sizzlers (PHP95-150) are also on offer: bangus, porkchop, chicken, sisig, wings, etc. As for their pork kikiam (PHP40), it’s actually pork embutido wrapped in lumpia wrapper, not with bean curd which is the norm.

I did like my lamaw Cebu and batchoy from Boy Guapo’s Batchoy atbp as these are delicious and affordable.

Lamaw Cebu in Talisay
A bowl of sisig lamaw with a side of pork kinupusan
batchoy in Talisay
Hot and delicious bowl of special batchoy with a side of pork kikiam
Lamaw Cebu in Talisay
Love this kinupusan
Lamaw Cebu in Talisay
Dining tables and kitchen
Lamaw Cebu in Talisay
Boy Guapo’s Batchoy ATBP. in Tabunok, Talisay City
Boy Guapo's Batchoy atbp
Victoria St., Talisay City, Cebu