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Dispatch: The long road to Cagayan de Oro

My backpack, tripod and camera bag on the seat of this airconditioned bus bound for Cagayan de Oro
My backpack, tripod and camera bag on the seat of this airconditioned bus bound for Cagayan de Oro

Here I go again. Inflicting myself an undeniably tough time traveling. Am I a sadist? I started traveling from Manila as early as 2AM today for my flight to Cebu. Then a connecting flight to Surigao City. Then an eight hour bus trip going to Cagayan de Oro.

You might ask, why then bother with a Surigao flight if my destination is Cagayan de Oro? Well, suffice to say that the ticket made available to me was free. And since I have someone to meet in Cagayan de Oro, was left with no choice but to do this long and arduous trip.

But really, I’m not complaining. As I’ve written before in several posts, like this one, and this one, I like, no, I love long bus rides. It affords me to think and this day’s sojourn was no different. Besides giving me time to reflect about the future, and make some plans as well as to look back at some life events, this particular part of Mindanao is a travel down memory lane.

A decade ago, when my heart belonged to someone, I was often traversing the CDO-Gingoog span that it’s quite already familiar. So many beautiful memories made on this long, three hour stretch: the beautiful mountain scenery of Mt. Balatucan as seen from a particular stretch of road in Lagonglong, the fork of road leading to the coast of Talisayan where we used to have lunch with a beautiful view of Sipaca Hill.

There’s also Balingoan where we took the ferry to Camiguin, or during the fruit season, when the roadside starting from Salay to Gingoog is filled with lansones vendors selling the fruit cheaply. Or at the bus terminal in Gingoog, we used to walk to Inland Restaurant and have lunch or stay for the night.

Memories. And when I passed these earlier today, I can only smile and remember with fondness.

5 thoughts on “Dispatch: The long road to Cagayan de Oro”

  1. hmmm.. ayan memory lane again.. I like the “when my heart belonged to someone” bit.. Chismis! =) Safe Travels! I do hope that the bus seats were comfy for the 8 hour ride! Sakit na nga ng pwet ko sa 6 5 hours lang eh! hehehe

  2. That’s a bit long ride sir but, just enjoy it. There must be attractive scenery you will see along the way. Have a safe trip.

  3. Long bus rides are amazing. But things could go downhill with an obnoxious seatmate. Had a long bus ride from CDO to Davao once and had someone was really disrespectful. The views and scenery was amazing but he takes up all the space by extending his arms like he’s the only one there.

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