She walked along the White Beach path with her two children in tow. And suddenly, she stopped. Stared, mouth agape. Fascinated, she and her children came closer. Her tots pointed, talking and tugging at her. Within a second, she put her hand inside her handbag while still staring at the rotating pig, soon to be a lechon at a motorized spit just along the path. Out came her mobile camera phone in a pink casing. She took shots and then told her children to pose….Continue Reading “Dispatch: Foreigners fascinated with lechon in Boracay”

Here I go again. Inflicting myself an undeniably tough time traveling. Am I a sadist? I started traveling from Manila as early as 2AM today for my flight to Cebu. Then a connecting flight to Surigao City. Then an eight hour bus trip going to Cagayan de Oro. You might ask, why then bother with a Surigao flight if my destination is Cagayan de Oro? Well, suffice to say that the ticket made available to me was free. And since I have someone to meet…Continue Reading “Dispatch: The long road to Cagayan de Oro”

This so far has been my longest stay in Bohol, nine days, in fact, documenting what’s left of the churches, both affected heavily by the earthquake of 15 October and those that remained standing. As I gaze into the ceilings of many of these churches, I am seeing a glimpse of heaven as painted by the Cebuano artists, Rey Francia and Canuto Avila in the 20s and 30s. But of course, in between shoot, breaks and traveling to the next church, there was the beautiful…Continue Reading “Dispatch: Going around in Bohol”