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Dispatch: Foreigners fascinated with lechon in Boracay

Lechon fascination
East Asians watching a pig being roasted

She walked along the White Beach path with her two children in tow. And suddenly, she stopped. Stared, mouth agape. Fascinated, she and her children came closer. Her tots pointed, talking and tugging at her. Within a second, she put her hand inside her handbag while still staring at the rotating pig, soon to be a lechon at a motorized spit just along the path.

Out came her mobile camera phone in a pink casing. She took shots and then told her children to pose. And took another shot again. She stared for a few more seconds, smiled briefly and off she went.

I’ve been in Northern Panay for the past week, starting with Roxas for a few days, then Kalibo for the Ati-atihan. Since Monday, I’ve traveled to Boracay Island for a few days till this morning. And the other day, after walking around White Beach, I went inside a coffeeshop and just stayed there for more than an hour. And found these people stopping and taking photos. One after the other.

Fascination. And that what makes travel exciting. You always find something new.

Lechon fascination
Another shot of the family who stopped and shot and posed.

Lechon fascination

Lechon fascination
And another…

2 thoughts on “Dispatch: Foreigners fascinated with lechon in Boracay”

  1. Ana JUgo

    Hi I saw your blog then there’s a picture of lechon at boracay. I’ve been searching the web on where I can buy whole lechon on our stay at boracay for a family gathering.But I can’t find anything till I saw hte picture yiou posted. Can You please tell me where did you take that picture? What Restaurant? Thank you.

  2. H Ana, it was just along Station 3. I forgot the name of the restaurant but they offer buffet meals and has an airconditioned cafe by the side.

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