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Guest room view
Guest room view

CR with rainshower head
CR with rainshower head
Many Filipinos come to Divisoria to shop. But for most kumpradors, wholesalers from the provinces who get their merchandise to sell in their own shops back home probably make up the bulk of bargain shoppers here. It’s no surprise to see, at any given time one is in that veritable bargain shopping paradise are the bulk of purchases made, packed and transported. But for those coming from the provinces, there is always that nagging question: “Where will I/we stay?”

Let’s admit it, Divisoria has a seedy reputation and thus there are valid concerns. But for the kumprador, after a days toil, going from one suki (favored vendor) to another, lugging around that humongous merchandise, and probably need to shop more than a day, there is one hotel that is within the vicinity. Safe. Comfortable. After you’re done shopping for the day, there’s the night market and food place.

I got invited by Orion Hotel to check out their place, overnight. Although, it lacks the stunning facades and lobbies, the coffee and pastry shops of major hotels, what it lacks in such offerings make up for it where it matters, the guest room and service.

Orion Hotel lobby
Orion Hotel lobby

The very spacious elevator
The very spacious elevator
Orion Hotel in Divisoria is almost no frills. Entry is via a spacious elevator, especially good if you have lots of merchandise. You check in at the lobby located at the third floor with friendly staff, they show you their breakfast menu and get your order.

Although the standard room we were in was smaller than I expected, the bed was comfortable while the pillows were soft, softness that I really like: Its not hard on the neck but not too thin that you need to double it just to rest your head. And of course, earth tones around that is easy on the eyes.

The flat screen TV is safely hung on the wall across the bed while the split type aircon is at one side. The bathroom is also spacious with rainshower heads (I like it!), hot and cold water plus standard amenities. Breakfast (from Chowking) is served inside the room.

Drawback? Finding the hotel can be a challenge. We had to ask a security guard at the front of the Tutuban Mall for direction but it wasn’t that far.

Despite the minor drawback, there’sa lot to like about the hotel and by the fact that it sits on one of the malls within the Tutuban Cluster Mall complex, you need not go far after shopping.

Orion Hotel Manila
Tutuban Cluster Mall, Manila
Phone:(02) 450 3007

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  1. The Place actually looks good! and new too so I bet its clean. Great location albeit kailangan hanapin pa.. still. Its nice!

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