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Swim for life in Maitum’s pawikan sanctuary

A baby olive ridley turtle at Maitum's beach
A baby olive ridley turtle at Maitum’s beach

The baby olive ridley turtle was heading its way to the beach, walking on the black sand, making fin marks behind its back as we observed it from behind. Within a few seconds, the foamy wave of the sea swept in and carried it away.

Maitum’s Pawikan Nesting Sanctuary, headed by its caretaker, Danilo Dequina has been overseeing the collection and keeping of turtle eggs for a few years now and setting them free when the baby turtles are hatched. The black sand beaches have been the nesting grounds of five species of turtles including the leatherback. Long been poached by locals, including Danilo, he has now become its prime protector.

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  1. I saw a footage of this when they were released or maybe hatched all together and so many swam papunta sa sea.. so nice. Must have been great to see it in person.

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