Traveling Mindanao

I can no longer count the number of times that I have been traveling Mindanao. From summer visits in my father’s hometown in Tangub, Misamis Occidental during my elementary days to solo forays in the hinterlands of Bukidnon when I was a telecom engineer to doing a book project in Sitangkai in Tawitawi which was closer to Malaysia than to the provincial capital. But there have been serendipitous trips, unexpected discoveries that just surprises you to the hilt. The good thing? Whether you’re from Luzon…Continue Reading “Unexpected discoveries while traveling Mindanao”

The baby olive ridley turtle was heading its way to the beach, walking on the black sand, making fin marks behind its back as we observed it from behind. Within a few seconds, the foamy wave of the sea swept in and carried it away. Maitum’s Pawikan Nesting Sanctuary, headed by its caretaker, Danilo Dequina has been overseeing the collection and keeping of turtle eggs for a few years now and setting them free when the baby turtles are hatched. The black sand beaches have…Continue Reading “Swim for life in Maitum’s pawikan sanctuary”

Maitum is not only anthropomorphic burial jars, bangsi, pawikans and rubber plantations. At its hinterlands remain one of Mindanao’s remaining stand of virgin forests that is in danger of falling under man’s greed. We embarked on an adventure to visit a poorly known and yet unnamed waterfall. This is a series.

The baby turtles were just at the holding pen, about three inches long, 15-20 individuals. Some were sleeping with their front flappers conveniently resting atop the carapace while some biting on a blanched but definitely dead fish floating on the surface.