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12 reasons why I now like Boracay

Okay, the first time I was there, I got really disappointed. But over the last two years, I got to know more of the island and slowly appreciated its beauty that I now have to state my change of heart and say, I LOVE BORACAY. Below are just 12 of the reasons why.

Boracay's famous white beach

1 Powdery white sandy beach
Boracay is known for its powdery and sugar fine sandy beach specifically the long stretch of white sand that spans from Stations 1 to 3. And this is its main attraction. I just love to go barefoot and walk along the long path, end to end or rub and bury my feet in the sand. The feeling is just different.


2 Pristine Puka Beach
I never thought that there is a beach like this in Boracay without structures, less people and only the trees, wind and the crashing of waves. Come early morning and you just have the beach all to yourself. You can run, shout or just dive into the water and no one will care. That’s in Puka Beach.

A kite boarder doing his routine

3 Windsurfing and kiteboarding
Boracay’s Bulabog Beach, is Asia’s top destination for windsurfing and kiteboarding and, especially, during the northeast monsoon season, the wind and waves are really perfect. Every January, the International Funboard Cup draws local and international participants. There are also several schools/resorts that provide windsurfing and kiteboarding lessons.

Cyma has great food

4 Great food
Food is one of the major reasons that I often come back to Boracay. The cuisine is cosmopolitan and caters to every budget. From local dishes, streetfood, desserts and high end fine dining. Eating in Boracay is thus an experience.

Drummer in one of the many nightly fun nights with bands that pop up once the sun goes down

5 Amazing nightlife
Other than the sand and sea, amazing nightlife is a come on. The various bars and party places along Stations 1-3 is vibrant. Bands and firedancers provide entertainment in near the shore. But for me, having those long dinners and conversations in one of the al fresco dining places is enough reason to go out.

Mandarin Boracay

6 Relaxing hotel architecture and interiors
Whatever your budget, Boracay has different accommodations available but I do like gazing at the interesting structures of some of the high end resort hotels. There are contemporary, minimalistic as well as beautiful island design that makes Boracay one of the destinations in the country for great architecture and interiors.

At Boracay Beach Resort, it is a cool fusion of Asian-Mediterranean style with its clean lines, pleasant and inviting lighting plus just relaxing atmosphere makes this one of the comfy resorts.

Monkey head and turtle's back rock and hill?

7 Discover rugged and wild Boracay
Taking the motorized pumpboat around Boracay gives one a new perspective to what really this island can offer. Going around, I was in awe and quite surprised with its rugged and wild side: several cliffs, rock formations, caves, natural stone arches and pristine and undeveloped beaches.

Who would have thought that there is indeed a beautiful side to Boracay beyond the crass commercialism of Stations 1 to 3 with its several bars, resorts and other structures? This is the unkown Boracay!

Go shirtless and run the sands

8 Running at the beach and other sports
Running in Boracay is a good reason to stay in shape, after partying. It’s common to see health buffs running near the shore early in the morning or late afternoons. Some are wearing shoes or are barefoot. For the latter, the fine sand is a good cushion. Beach running is also a good break from the road. Less impact than cement or asphalt.

Other than running, frisbees, beach volleyball and like sports are also a come on in Boracay.

9 By patronizing recycled products, you help a community of indigents

High quality, high fashion bags from discarded tarps
PJ Arañador’s Nautilus shop at D’Mall is not just another boutique for the island visitor. In one part of the display area are high fashion and high quality bags made from discarded tarpaulins of Smart. Made by the residents of the PLDT-Smart Amazing GK Village in Sooc, Arevalo District, Iloilo City, these is their means of livelhood.

Buy these products and you help not only a community fend for itself but also contribute to a better environment.

True mobile broadband internet via LTE
10 High speed internet via LTE
I was just so amazed. Just imagine, a 700mb movie file downloaded in just a few minutes, not even reaching 10 precious minutes! Forget about free in-house wifi, the usual broadband mobile internet via 3G or HSPA. But LTE (Long Term Evolution, 4G for techies) Its blazing! Smart is currently fine tuning its service in Boracay especially in the white beach area.

What will you do with LTE? Of course! Lots of things. Think of immersive 3D gameplay online in real time, by the beach; video streaming of HD video or high resolution video conferences and so much more. With LTE, you will want to have it and Smart will be in the forefront of LTE service availability in Boracay.

My experience? I was ‘WOW. WOW. WOW.’ Haven’t tried such fast speeds and downloads and Smart’s LTE was quite a memorable experience. This is a portent of things to come! A beautiful one!

Sunset anyone?

11 Beautiful sunsets
I’m not so much of a sunset guy but when I did see one in Boracay, during a foreign singer’s shoot, I was just mesmerized. And it wasn’t only me. We had to stop and gaze out, entranced. And so did a lot of people who actually wait for this everyday.

Just lounge at a chair at the beachfront and watch the world go buy

12 Just doing it slow in Boracay
After doing the rounds of the various party places, indulging in food, riding a motorized pumpboat around the island or having a kiteboarding session, nothing beats a downtime by just doing it slow in Boracay. Want to get a massage? Read a book? Leisurely walking along the path? Or just lazing on the sand waiting for the sunrise or a nap? All these things can be a good reason to just have your own downtime. And its (mostly) free.

4 thoughts on “12 reasons why I now like Boracay”

  1. estancabigas

    good luck kloyde πŸ™‚

  2. Woohoo! Good to know I’m not the only one who feels this way about Boracay! πŸ˜€

  3. Paul Voorberg

    “Amazing nightlife” Yeah I agree, I love the laid back atmosphere πŸ™‚ I have not experienced the high speed LTE though, I guess my apartment is in the wrong location in Boracay.

    Nice article though! Enjoyed reading that you’ve changed your mind about Boracay and that you now like it πŸ™‚

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